Japan is a country filled with exquisite crafts and delicious snacks which make for the perfect souvenirs, either for yourself or for friends and family. Whether you are in Tokyo for a short spell, or whether you live here and want to send a little piece of Japan to loved ones back home, here are the places to visit for the perfect souvenirs. 

Best Gifts and Souvenirs in Tokyo

Ninben Nihonbashi Main Store

Dried bonito — also known as skipjack tuna — is an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine. Along with dried kelp, it forms the soup stock that serves as the base for many of the most beloved Japanese dishes, including ramen, udon, soba and nabe. It’s also ubiquitous in the form of dried bonito flakes, an umami-filled topping commonly found on rice, noodles, cold tofu, and far more — a widely known and popular delicacy enjoyed in Japanese cooking all over the world. Founded in 1699, Ninben is one of the most respected bonito flake purveyors in the country; they’re also renowned for their signature soup stocks. The store offers gift items, which are the perfect gift for any Japanese cuisine enthusiast.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs in Tokyo

Nijiyura Hand-Dyed Towels

Tenugui, traditional Japanese towels, are ubiquitous in Japan. You may see them used as hand towels out and about, worn around the heads of chefs in restaurants or even used to wrap up gifts — a very multitalented souvenir indeed. At Nijiyura, these towels are hand-dyed utilizing the chusen technique, where the dye is poured onto the fabric. The characteristics of this technique include bleeding and blurring of the dye, which, once considered flaws, are now sought-after designs, admired for their elegance and uniqueness. Outside of tenugui, the store also carries a variety of other souvenirs including folding fans and men’s jinbei sets.

The Shibuya Souvenir Store

Shibuya is perhaps one of the best-known spots in Tokyo, famed for its crossing as well as its fashion and youth culture. The Shibuya Souvenir Store is unique in that it provides souvenirs inspired by that very culture, whether it be snacks, liquor, stationary, clothing items or accessories. The store also has numerous limited edition collaborations featuring local creatives. As such, every visit will yield a new and exciting shopping experience.

Hishiya Calen Blosso

Calen Blosso creates high-quality kimonos and kimono accessories that fuse Western practical designs with traditional Japanese sensibilities. The store’s brand is centered on the motto “Kimonos are fun!” and the idea that kimonos can be made more accessible through the integration of more modern functionality into the design. One such example is the brand’s Zori Slippers, which utilize the same material found in sneakers rather than traditional materials to ensure that your feet don’t fatigue as easily. It’s a great gift option for those who love Japanese fashion design.


Funabashiya serves up a taste of tradition with its kuzumochi, a mochi-esque dessert made from kudzu root starch. Founded during the Edo-period, Funabashiya has been perfecting its kuzumochi craft for over 200 years. A refreshing delicacy with a smooth, gelatinous texture, kuzumochi is served chilled and usually topped with soybean powder and brown sugar molasses; Funabashiya makes theirs by steaming fermented wheat starch for 450 days. In addition to their signature snack, Funabashiya also has other beautifully prepared traditional Japanese snacks available for you to try and share with others.


At Kayanoya you can find traditional Japanese seasonings that will allow you to bring the flavors of Japan into your own cooking, all of which are natural, free from chemical seasonings and preservatives. It’s particularly famous for its dashi soup stock, made from domestically-grown ingredients. Kayanoya values temahima, meaning time and effort, and pours both into its products. A visit to the store is worth the trip for the visuals alone, as the interior was designed to create the atmosphere of an old soy sauce brewery with huge barrels suspended from the ceiling.

Tsuruya Yoshinobu

In Nihonbashi, the Tokyo branch of Tsuruya Yoshinobu, a reputable confectionary company founded in Kyoto over 200 years ago, best known for their yumochi and their kyokanze, an elegant red bean paste roll. At the store, artisans prepare fresh sweets right in front of you, demonstrating their skill and making your mouth water in the process. You can sit down with a cup of hot matcha and a plate of fresh sweets to test the product before committing to a purchase (quality control is very important). Beyond the exquisite taste, Tsuruya Yoshinobu’s gift selection is beautifully packaged, making for a truly impressive souvenir.