Kazunori Yamayose is a man on a mission. After spending about 20 years following the typical salaryman route, he decided it was time for a change. Though his work as a company employee touched on sustainable development initiatives, Yamayose wondered if there wasn’t something he could do to make a direct impact. He mulled over regional concerns of ageing populations, lack of family-friendly workspaces and further reaching environmental issues. It’s easy for a company to make money, but it’s much harder for it to also make a meaningful difference in the world. Weskii is the result of this self-reflection, operating under the idea that even small companies can change the world. 

Weskii Hotel

In Business with Weskii

Weskii’s business is, at a first glance, hard to pin down. The company develops and manages rental properties across Kanazawa City, as well as the Weskii Hotel and Weskii’s most recent addition: a family-friendly coworking space called Weskii Lab. They are also moving into renewable energy solutions, promoting solar power as one viable source for the future. Weskii is already energy self-sufficient using said renewable power and is committed to carbon neutral management. Beyond these initiatives, Weskii strives to make the office as family-friendly as possible. Because what’s the point of working towards the greater good if your own company isn’t practicing what it preaches? Employees are allowed to bring their children to work and are given the flexibility to leave the office for drop-offs and pickups as needed. 

Grand Ambitions for Kanazawa

A family-friendly working environment and a multi-industry approach to sustainable business practices aren’t the only initiatives in Weskii’s wheelhouse. Reinvigorating the regional economy is one of the company’s goals and even here, there is a multipronged approach to the issue. One method — and this is an internationally growing trend but still almost unheard of in Japan — is the virtual hotel chain business model. Weskii is working to build a cohesive Kanazawa hotel brand to support smaller independent regional hotels that might get overlooked on international booking websites. It works by pooling room availability and resources from multiple lodgings, making them more efficient and resistant to risk. By working together, businesses can also compile local knowledge and contacts to create value-added services for visitors. This benefits both the businesses and their guests, and, in the long run, the region as a whole. Weskii’s approaches to collaboration and innovation like this are sure to fulfill their ultimate goal of changing the world for the better.

More info: weskii.com

Weskii Hotel

Weskii Hotel: Perfect for Workations and Vacations

Located a three-minute walk from Kanazawa Station’s west exit, Weskii Hotel is as convenient as they come. It offers a completely automated check-in service for speedy entry, with the option of support by phone if needed. Rooms are spacious and fully fitted to accommodate extended stays, with a kitchen area, a washing machine and other useful amenities for a longer visit. The larger rooms — boasting four double beds — can room up to eight people in the deluxe family room, while 10 can stay in the suite room. Other services that encourage a longer stay include free parking, making exploration of both Kanazawa City and Ishikawa Prefecture a reasonable option. Guests can also choose accommodation plans that include kimono rental, or opt for a luxurious gold leaf face mask spa service. For those who can’t escape the grind completely, there is a workation plan that includes a discount for Weskii’s own coworking space, Weskii Lab. 

More info: Weskii Hotel

Weskii Lab kids space

Weskii Lab: Coworking in Central Kanazawa

Opened in June 2022, Weskii Lab is likely the first coworking office of its kind in Japan. It’s a family-friendly space that offers bilingual (Japanese and English) childcare to children from six months of age to 12 years old. The English Language Kids’ Room is fitted with climbing frames and slides, while staff provide a safe and nurturing environment as they play and learn together. Currently only Japanese and English are available, but if there is demand, Weskii Lab may also offer other language support such as French, Spanish, Mandarin and more. The work lounge itself has all the amenities a remote worker might need, with the added bonus of being a short walk from sightseeing destinations such as Kanazawa Castle Park, Kenrokuen Garden and Kazuemachi Chaya district. It’s a great place to combine work with pleasure, while knowing your kids are safe, entertained and improving both their Japanese and English language skills.

More info: Weskii Lab

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