Opened in the summer of 2023 in Kisarazu city, Chiba Prefecture, Kisarazu Concept Store provides an entirely new type of retail experience, one that’s deeply rooted in the concept of sustainability. The store, located next to the vast Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, takes an innovative approach to tackling the environmental issues that plague the fashion industry, spotlighting and upcycling unsold items. Kisarazu Concept Store doesn’t sacrifice style for the sake of its mission, though: The store, with 3,000 square meters of space, is bursting with creative and unique designs, giving visitors ample opportunities to discover and refine a personal style that suits them perfectly.  

Fixing Issues in the Fashion Industry

In an era overrun by fast fashion, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the dire environmental effects associated with careless purchasing practices. It’s not enough to shop stylishly; shoppers want to know that they’re getting their clothes responsibly, with an eye toward sustainability and ethical consumption. 

What sets Kisarazu Concept Store apart from other retailers is its fundamental commitment to this mission. In order to reduce problems associated with overstock, the store specializes in items that would lie unsold in the warehouse. These kinds of goods, colloquially known as “deadstock,” include irregular items and unsold inventory. At Kisarazu Concept Store, they’re rediscovered and given a second chance to shine, thereby reducing the amount of clothing that ends up discarded. 

A Fashion Theme Park That Feels Like a Giant Wardrobe

To enter the space, visitors must pay a small fee of ¥300, a portion of which goes directly to organizations working toward social change. Befitting the entrance fee, Kisarazu Concept Store feels less like a traditional retailer and more like a fashion theme park — a massive, interactive wardrobe where visitors can spend all day trying on as many outfits as they please at the complex’s spacious Fitting Studio. In contrast to the world of fast fashion, where consumers order clothing they’ve never actually seen or touched before with the click of a button, Kisarazu Concept Store emphasizes the idea that you can’t truly know a piece of clothing until you’ve tried it on. 

Kisarazu Concept Store also offers various interactive, hands-on areas. For instance, at the Factory Lab, new upcycling technologies are introduced, and customers can partake in workshops to experience them firsthand. Additionally, workshops with a focus on farming are on offer at the Circular Farm, which takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to recycle clothing into soil. At the Pop Up Stage, also known as the “know and learn” area, upcycling brands and companies specializing in sustainable manufacturing can introduce their products and initiatives. 

Finally, guests can rest, recharge and enjoy a meal between shopping and the other experiential aspects of the store at the Open Cafe, which also embodies Kisarazu Concept Store’s commitment to sustainability; based on the Japanese concept of “mottainai,” a word conveying a sense of regret over something going to waste, it features a number of menu items made using food that might otherwise be wasted, repurposed into stylish and nourishing fare.  

Developing New Technologies

Kisarazu Concept Store addresses the concern of sustainability holistically, bringing together various disparate aspects of the supply chain: retail, manufacturing and research, to name a few. Brands, customers, experts and organizations can all come together under one roof here and work together toward an environmentally minded future that’s well within reach. This venture doesn’t only address existing issues related to deadstock and unused inventory; it also helps to fund research that will help us establish a more sustainable society in the years to come, funding research and development of green technology, including efforts to recycle clothing into eco-friendly fuel.

More Info

Kisarazu Concept Store

2-9-1 Kaneda-Higashi, Kisarazu city, Chiba Prefecture

How To Get Here

Direct buses connect Haneda Airport and major train stations in the Tokyo area with the neighboring Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu. Those planning to drive to Kisarazu Concept Store can use Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu’s parking lots, with P9 being the most convenient.

For more information about Kisarazu Concept Store, visit the website.