Pretty sweet treats and Instagram are like vanilla and chocolate swirled together – they are made for each other. Food was one of the first things to be posted on the app, and while you can spend a good amount of time rotating and snapping expertly plated bites, softcream comes gorgeous straight out of the machine, and it begs you to act quickly before it melts. Here are some photo tips ready, so you can snap, eat, post and repeat. 

1. Easy mode: Shoot against a simple background 

Softcream in one hand, a smartphone in the other, and you’re done in a second. You should be quick, but giving yourself a few more seconds to find a clear background will make that softcream pop. A clean wall, a clear sky, the back of your friend’s solid T-shirt will all suffice. Just don’t let your softcream get lost in visual clutter. 

2. Portrait mode: Softcream poses 

Simple background applies here too, so have the least distraction possible in your shot. Instead of holding your softcream awkwardly, extend your arm and bring your camera closer to the softcream so it looks bigger. 

Matching softcream with your outfit’s colors and accessories makes for a cute color-coordinated pic. You can go for the same color throughout, different shades of a color, or play with a few color combos. Bonus points if you factor in the color of your surroundings.

3. Group mode: SFF (Softcream Friends Forever) 

Who doesn’t love a group photo or even better, an insta story? All portrait tips above apply – clear background, color-matching and showing off your softcream closer to the camera. Other poses that work well are the classic softcream cheers (works great with two or three people), making a circle of hands holding softcream (best shot from above), buying different color softcream so you form a rainbow and buying different shades of the same color so you form an ombré lineup.

4. Playful mode: What’s your angle? 

Here are some creative challenges for those looking to take their softcream pics to the next level. Find a horizontal line and match it with the demarcation where the cone ends and the softcream begins. At a beach, it will be the horizon line or where the waves meet the sand. Against the sky it might be power lines or an airplane trail in the sky. Play with the buildings around you. At a distance the softcream can look like a roof sculpture, a torch or a puffing chimney. 

5. Emergency mode: Make the most out of it 

Oh, did the softcream start to melt? Take a snap of that, up close, as there’s something aesthetically pleasing about melting sweets. Did a child get some softcream on their chin? Here’s your chance to take a cute Insta pic that will make everyone smile.

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