We are all on our own path to sustainability. As a person who is passionate about makeup, beauty products have been the hardest sector of my home life to replace with environmentally friendly substitutes. When I was looking to transition from liquid shampoo to shampoo bars, Cosme Kitchen was one of the only stores in my neighborhood that stocked eco brand Ethique, whose shampoo bar I was curious about trying. From then on, it has been a store I regularly frequent for all things beauty and body care. 

Since 2012, Cosme Kitchen has been devoted to making sustainability in the beauty retail industry accessible and easy to all. Through collaborations with More Trees and Fatima Morocco and initiatives like switching to paper bags and eventually eliminating retail bags altogether, the company has been a frontrunner in sustainable trends in Japan. 

These initiatives and their overwhelming success only inspired the company to push themselves even more to reduce waste.


Introducing: The Recycle Kitchen Campaign

In the spring of 2020, Cosme Kitchen introduced its Recycle Kitchen campaign. Cosme Kitchen stores now double as collecting centers for empty packaging. For beauty lovers or simply those who want to ensure their products get a second life, the Recycle Kitchen is not only a convenient solution for shoppers but also a sure way to know your garbage will not go to waste.

Readers should note that only packaging from select brands purchased at Cosme Kitchen can be recycled at this time. See the full list of select brands.

So, you made a trip to Cosme Kitchen, bought cream blush, shampoo and maybe body cream. Now you’ve used them up and you’d like to recycle the empty packaging. Now what? At the heart of the Recycle Kitchen campaign is to reward contributing customers with a concrete result. Packaging is turned into reusable bags that customers can receive for free if purchasing over ¥7,700 worth of products on the day of the new moon. (They are, of course, free to refuse it if they already have sufficient bags at home.) You can also see recycled packaging in the store clerk’s uniforms, which are all made from 100% recycled polyester derived from marine plastic waste. 


Recycle Kitchen Meets Artists: Working With Japanese Artists to Inspire Sustainability

The next step in the campaign involves an exciting collaboration to create beautiful reusable bags that will make you proud to carry them with you wherever you go. Artists participating in this project include Ken Kagami, Koichiro Takagi, Naijel Graph and Yusuke Hanai. These artists are well-established in their field and this is a great chance to own an item with an exclusive design. Each bag comes with a matching pound to keep it compact when not in use. 

You can get these limited-edition reusable bags only by bringing your empty packaging and purchasing over ¥8,800 worth of products. The available designs will change every week and can be acquired at all Cosme Kitchen stores.


What is Cosme Kitchen

Cosme Kitchen is a one-stop shop for all things natural beauty. Selling both domestic and international brands – some of which can exclusively be found at Cosme Kitchen – it is a must-visit store if you’ve been aching to find makeup, skincare, body care and, more recently, feminine hygiene products free of toxic ingredients. What’s more, Cosme Kitchen is expanding its low and zero waste product lineup, which already includes shampoo and conditioner bars as well as period cups.

Browse Cosme Kitchen’s selection via their online store or find a location near you.

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