It’s easy to lose sight of where you are while enjoying a meal at Tokyo’s Kojimachi Nadaman Fukuoka Bettei. Sampling a selection of delicacies made with fresh ingredients from Fukuoka while sipping on Fukuoka’s famous sake, in a refined space adorned with handmade paper lamps and delicate woodwork designs, you may feel delightfully disoriented, as though you were suddenly teleported hundreds of kilometers. For those living or staying in Japan’s capital city, it’s a lovely escape — and an invitation to travel to Kyushu to witness Fukuoka’s many charms in person.

A Storied Legacy

Kojimachi Nadaman Fukuoka Bettei is a collaboration between the Fukuoka Prefectural Government and Nadaman, an upscale restaurant brand founded in Osaka nearly two centuries ago. Nadaman is known for its fine kaiseki meals that make the most of seasonal ingredients, and Kojimachi Nadaman Fukuoka Bettei continues this tradition with its own twist, serving unique dishes that can’t be found at other Nadaman restaurants for weekday lunch service, such as burdock tempura udon and chazuke with sesame and fresh fish.

The Best of Fukuoka’s Cuisine

The kaiseki menu is meticulously arranged and continually updated to ensure that guests can enjoy the freshest ingredients. The course meal introduces a wide variety of Fukuoka’s classic dishes, varying with the seasons, including Hakata wagyu beef, Hakata jidori chicken — known for its springy texture and deep umami flavor — and the region’s famed Amaou strawberries, nicknamed the “king of strawberries.” The expansive menu also showcases the area’s seafood, like red sea bream, conger eel and fresh Spanish mackerel.

Crafted with Care

The restaurant’s interior is a treasure trove of Fukuoka craftsmanship: intricate Okawa kumiko woodwork on the doors and lamps, colorful Kakegawa tatami mats arranged elegantly on the floor and framed bands of Hakata-ori silk displayed on the walls. Traditional Koishiwara ware and Agano ware are on proud display as well, showing off the rich history and masterful techniques that go into each of the prefecture’s crafts.

To make a reservation at Kojimachi Nadaman Fukuoka Bettei, visit the Nadaman website or call 03-6380-8421.

This article appeared in Kyushu Weekender 2024. To read the whole issue, click here