We’re proud to introduce the 2024 edition of Kyushu Weekender, sister magazine to Tokyo Weekender, in which we embark on a journey through the captivating and diverse landscapes of Japan’s southernmost main island. Sultry and subtropical, Kyushu is brimming with natural beauty, rich history and warm hospitality, offering a dizzying array of sights, tastes and experiences to visitors.

Our aim is to guide you through it all, steering you toward hidden gems and singular spots — from the volcanic landscapes of Kagoshima to the vibrant city streets in Fukuoka, from the mystical greenery of Miyazaki to the serene, steam-shrouded onsen towns in Oita. We’ll also explore the allure of Kumamoto, where the echoes of samurai heritage meld with a vibrant modern culture; of cosmopolitan Nagasaki, the region’s gateway to the world; and of Saga, with its famous ceramics amid a sea of breathtaking, bucolic scenery.

In addition to travel recommendations, highlighting lesser-known areas, superb shops and restaurants and extraordinary accommodations, we want to showcase the unique local culture and prefectural idiosyncrasies that make Kyushu so special. To that end, we’ve filled this issue with pieces on a wide range of topics, including modern art, ancient myths, underground musicians and specialty fruits, in addition to profiles of the people and companies who are delivering the best of Kyushu to the world.

Join us as we traverse through this fascinating area, uncovering its myriad charms and marveling at its beauty along the way.

Click the cover below to flip through the sixth edition of Kyushu Weekender.