If you’re a skincare junkie – or scratching your head staring at rows of products while perusing the cosmetics section of your local drugstore – you’ve probably seen the sleek, champagne gold packaging of Quality 1st’s Derma Laser VC Super 100 sheet masks. The Derma Laser mask is best-selling, praised by worldwide influencers and numerous beauty awards alike; packed with nourishing compounds and skin-rejuvenating ingredients, it’s built a reputation as a must-try for salon-quality skin care at home.

Cutting-Edge Skincare Technology

The Derma Laser Super VC 100 mask stands out for its skin-penetrating technology, utilizing pore-clearing niacinamide and deeply moisturizing hydrogenated lecithin capsules to ensure that all of its ingredients are absorbed fully. It contains four types of Vitamin C and Vitamin C derivatives to moisturize and enhance skin turnover, resulting in skin that’s brighter, clearer and more elastic. Additionally, the sheet is highly adherent, fitting snugly to ensure all the good-for-you vitamins and minerals penetrate deeply and fully. Given its highly efficient delivery system, the mask is also fast-acting: In as little as three minutes, it targets dry, dull skin, leaving your face soft and supple. 

But sometimes, what’s not included is just as important as what is. Notably, the Derma Laser Super VC 100 is free of preservatives, alcohol, synthetic colorants, fragrance and mineral oil. This means that it’s incredibly effective, but also gentle enough for daily use, so that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy its deeply hydrating benefits. 

Best-Selling for a Reason

Asian skin care is all the rage nowadays, but it can be overwhelming to find a truly good product among the piles of shiny packaging and enthusiastic online reviews. When it comes to your skin, it’s always a good idea to listen to a trusted source, and Quality 1st has several notable industry accolades. The Derma Laser Super VC 100 mask won first place in the prestigious Cosme Best Cosmetic Award’s sheet mask category in 2023, and was awarded first place in the same category by LDK the Beauty, a popular cosmetics review magazine, the year before. 

Customers agree with this assessment — the Derma Laser sheet masks also hold the unique honor of being the best-selling sheet masks at the megastore Don Quijote, a haven for beauty lovers that’s bursting with products. 

The Derma Laser VC 100 sheet mask is an easy addition to your daily routine for salon-quality skin care at home. It can also be part of a daily ritual: The three minutes you spend with the cool, soothing sheet mask on your face are three minutes you spend on yourself, winding down for the evening. Luxuriate and show your skin (and soul) some love.

For more information, visit Quality 1st’s web store.