Unwind at one of Shimoda’s most popular hotels

White Beach hotel, a jewel of Shimoda, is in a class of its own. Tucked away in a secluded cove by Ohama Beach (Kisami), yet only 10 minutes drive from Izukyu-Shimoda station, White Beach Hotel is modest but inviting. As you enter the property, a large veranda with white rattan couches imported from Bali greets you, beckoning you to sit back and relax.

The hotel is family-friendly and the local and expat staff strive to make each guest‘s stay relaxed and memorable. If you want special dinner arrangements, or if you want your portable tent erected on the beach, or if you want breakfast 15 minutes after the official breakfast hours end, the hotel staff will make it happen. The accommodating, flexible staff is one of the best in the area and is limited only by its small size.

The hotel is pleased to partner with Mario Frittoli, famed owner chef of Nishi-Azabu’s I Sentieri, in opening Mario Mare. Diners delight in savoring a crisp pizza, inspired by Mario’s Tuscan roots, from the new wood fired pizza oven imported from Modena, Italy. Dinner patrons enjoy a variety of pastas, grilled meats and international wines.

The hotel’s location, directly across the street from Ohama Beach allows guests to order a panini or pizza for pick-up at a requested time before heading for the surf minimizing lost beach time. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly while the food is always delicious and sophisticated.

At White Beach Hotel frazzled Tokyoites can relax and let the stress of city living melt away. Food, fun and friends combine for a memorable visit. And you will leave saying as a recent guest did, “Our weekend will stay long as a great memory.”


White Beach Hotel

Amenities: Restaurant, Bar, Terrace lounge

Price: ¥15,000 – ¥20,000 per night

Address: 1902 Kisami, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture, 415-0028

Tel: 0558-23-2039

Info: www.whitebeach-shimoda.com


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