The revitalization of many regions and cities (including Tokyo) has been an important strategy for Japan for the last decade. Breathing new life into less-trodden areas may attract city folk to the countryside and subsequently a much-needed boost to the local economy. VISON’s concept joins four well-known business together, Aquaignis, AEON TOWN, First Brothers and Rohto Pharmaceutical, for the ‘Mie Hometown Creation Project’. A company with the foresight and expertise to launch not just a resort, but a village showcasing Mie Prefecture’s finest.

Not unlike unwrapping three Christmas presents, there will be three phases to the 2021 opening: April 29, June 5 and July 20 sequentially.

Farm-to-Table Japan

The first is Marche VISON, a farm-to-table market. Michelin star chef Ryuji Teshima will advertise the fresh produce of Mie Prefecture by inviting local farmers to sell mouth-watering offerings of Matsusaka beef and seasonal seafood, including lobster and sardines, from Ise island.

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy Sweets Village where chocolatier and pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi will indulge your cravings. Creamy cakes, stone-baked bread and an assortment of other sugary desserts are prepared using fresh ingredients from the resort’s strawberry and cocoa bean gardens. Pair your sweets with a cup of speciality coffee from Sarutahiko Coffee Shop and unwind.

State-of-the-Art Spa

The second phase sees a unique partnership between Mie University and Rohto Pharmaceutical at the Spa and Honzogaku Research Institute. By using their research of honzogaku, the traditional study of natural sources and their curative benefits, you can expect to be rejuvenized in medicinal herb baths with varying positive effects.

While you are taking care of your health in the spa, send the kids to the forest area where they can experience crafts, workshops and explore. Furthermore, hone their creativity at the huge play park where the scent of freshly cut wood lingers.

Accommodations and Dining for All

The third phase will end in a bang with the opening of three types of accommodation for any variety of traveler. Be spoiled for choice: one-of-a-kind villas with open-air luxurious baths; in the hotel, balconied rooms with spectacular mountain views; and traditional hatago with bustling activity.

The food areas are set to impress and educate. WA-VISON, short for washoku (food of Japan), displays the wonders of Japanese ingredients such as soy sauce, rice, mirin and miso. World-class restaurants will offer diverse menus, sushi, tempura, sukiyaki. ‘make and convey’ and ‘learn and buy’ are the motos. The essence of Spain will also find it’s way into the complex after a partnership with the city of San Sebastian, known as one of the world’s best gastronomic cities. Along San Sebastian Street you will find tapas-style bars paying homage.

A collective group of inspiring people have come together to develop this creative fusion of industry, academia and government. Unparalleled in its design, it will definitely be worth the three-hour trip from Tokyo.

For more information please visit their Japanese website.