Inspired by one of the photo stories in our June issue, this week’s question to our readers was “Where is the strangest place you’ve ever spent the night in Japan?” No less than 47 of you had fun adventure stories to share and it absolutely isn’t helping with the yearning for some travel time…

5. A Deserted… What?

We were surprised to see a few mention they had spent a night in deserted or half-completed buildings, including a “deserted temple somewhere in Yamanashi back in 1972,” and a “half-built umi no ie at Enoshima.” If we’re being honest, roam anywhere too far from city centers and it’s not too difficult to feel stranded in a strange land.

4. On the Road

And lots of times on a futon in the back of my car at michi-no-eki on road trips ✌🏻

Some of the best road trip memories you can have is a night sleeping in your vehicle, no matter where it’s parked – coin parking lots or simply on the side of the road. Is it comfortable? Not always (unless you have a campervan) but it’s part of the adventure and it’s economical for those traveling on a budget.

TW agrees that some of Japan’s best sightseeing spots are best accessed by car, including some of the most breathtaking landscapes that a shinkansen or a plane ride just can’t compete with. If you haven’t already, most definitely add ‘road trip!‘ to your Japan travel bucket list.

3. Stranded After the Last Train

It happens to the best of us, and more than once. If you’ve missed the last train and don’t care to spend the money on a taxi ride back home, Tokyo can be pretty forgiving when it comes to finding a corner to catch some Zs. Crash at one of Tokyo’s many internet or manga cafes, capsule hotels and even some karaoke places and sleep the hours away until the first train the following morning.

2. Party Until Dawn

Next to a vending machine in front of a “snack” a couple of blocks away from Okubo station. At least… that’s where I woke up.

Of course, when we say “spend the night” we don’t just mean the strangest places you’ve slept. Tokyo never sleeps and there are endless things to do after hours.

There was a lot of eluding to late-night partying among the answers, too. We have a special mention of a bar next to club Bonoco, another in Kamata Ward supposedly run by the yakuza and a takoyaki izakaya in Kyoto (adding that to the bucket list too…)

Some parts of Japan really do just come out after the moon has risen. Share your favorite way to visit Tokyo after dark in the comments!

1. Mount Fuji

Climbing Mount Fuji is an excursion that many tourists and expats like to embark on. Whether you’re just climbing for the view or going for that special sunrise moment, the tallest mountain and volcano in Japan was the top spot for many of your strangest places to lay your weary head. And understandably so! This is an experience that not many could’ve lived back home.

What question should we ask next?

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