Did you come straight here after watching our other softcream adventures on YouTube?Or are you just finding us for the first time? Either way, welcome to the local softcream flavors exploration mission. This month we visit Yamagata Prefecture, home to Yamagata Castle, a national historic site selected as one of the 100 best castles in Japan.

The castle is also renowned for its cherry blossom trees – over 1,000 – planted over 100 years ago. Visitors head to Yamagata in the winter to sample some of the best skiing in Japan. Come spring, once the snow has melted and chances to ski are long gone, Yamagata becomes the “Fruit Kingdom,” with orchards aplenty and visitors traveling from across the country to sample its delicious fruits.

Punters are also welcome to try their hand at picking the fruits themselves, which range from grapes and peaches to cherries in June. Speaking of which, check out our latest video which sees Selin head to Ohsyo Fruits Farm to sample some cherry flavored softcream. Bonus points if you can tell us what goes into a cherry parfait in the comments.


A big thanks to Nissei for sponsoring this video. Nissei is a leading manufacturer specializing in soft serve ice cream products. It provides many delicious flavors of softcream from all over Japan, and we will travel around the country to show you as many of these local softcream flavors as we can.

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