Did you come straight here after watching our other softcream adventures on YouTube? Or are you just finding us for the first time? Either way, welcome to the local softcream flavors exploration mission. This month we visit Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, in search of other adventurous softcream flavors.

Softcream has been around for over 70 years. But did you know that the last boom, which happened during the 1990s, was thanks to the development of unique, local flavors? Since then, regions of Japan all have sofcream flavors that reflect what they are best known for. Shizuoka has green tea softcream, Ibaraki has mentaiko (cod roe) softcream and the list goes on and on.

Kyoto, after Tokyo, is the most visited city in Japan. It is home to countless temples and shrines. Local and international visitors often sign up for a kimono-wearing experience before strolling through the streets of Gion or heading out to see the Golden Pavillion. What does Kyoto offer in terms of sofcream? Watch out latest episode below to find out.


A big thanks to Nissei for sponsoring this video. Nissei is a leading manufacturer specializing in soft serve ice cream products. It provides many delicious flavors of softcream from all over Japan, and we will travel around the country to show you as many of these local softcream flavors as we can.

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