In an effort to bring tourists from abroad into contact with the rich history and culture of Japan’s rural regions, Washocook has launched new tours where you can experience life in the countryside.

As visitors to Japan shift their attention from material goods to unique experiences, these tours, which include local food, sightseeing, culture and arts, are a perfect fit.

It’s expected over 40 million tourists from abroad will visit Japan in 2020, and for many, getting out of the big cities and into Japan’s rural life in a real draw.

So far, Washocook’s tours have included visits to kamakura igloos, local cuisine cooking courses, snowshoeing, visits to local hot springs and baths, and more. The company is currently planning tours to Japan’s northern Tohoku region, perfect for those who enjoy winter sports, unique cuisine and rich local traditions.

For more details, visit the official site and PR TIMES (Japanese only)