There are so many new hotels opening in Tokyo and across Japan, yet it’s still not that easy to find a place that offers good service and is also an exciting destination in itself. Nest Hotel group aims to fill that gap with its uniquely designed hotels that offer a blend of practical, minimalistic style and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Nest by Name, Nest by Nature

The aptly named Nest Hotel group is a step below high-end luxury resorts, but a few notches above business hotels, creating a comfortable hideaway for weary travelers. Named in part for its cozy ambiance, Nest Hotel group’s concept is inspired by the birds’ nests harvested in Malaysia. There, farmers work hard to cater to their feathered guests’ needs to create inviting nests that will keep their swallow tenants coming back each year. Similarly, the hotel group desires to create a space that caters to guests’ needs and feels like a home away from home but also conjures up excitement ahead of each stay.

Minimalist Style With Attention to Details

Nest Hotel group started its foray into hospitality by rebranding already existing business hotels. Now, the company is branching out and designing hotels from scratch, remaining true to their own vision for a perfect stay. Their new and upcoming hotels have a minimalistic, functional design, but with a splash of style. The genius is in the details – rooms may be small, but feature little luxuries that make your stay that much more pleasant. High quality mattresses, comfortable pajamas, and little extras like USB outlets by the bed, and analog clocks that don’t tick loudly prove that there is no need to sacrifice functionality for style. Each new Nest Hotel boasts a different theme and design to match its location, making each stay a new and memorable experience. By creating a different style in each location, Nest Hotel can offer the excitement of something new ahead of each stay, while still offering the familiar comfort of a little “nest” where you can relax and feel at home during your travels.

Nest Hotel Tokyo Hanzomon

The group’s latest Tokyo addition is Nest Hotel Tokyo Hanzomon, which, thanks to its convenient location, is proving more popular than anticipated. Located near popular tourist destinations like the Imperial Palace, Yasukuni Shrine, and The Diet Building, and with direct connections to Shibuya and Omotesando, it’s an enticing place for any tourist. Even with its stellar location, the hotel is in the middle of a local area, offering a unique insight into daily life and the opportunity to drop by neighboring small mom-and-pop shops and restaurants.

The hotel’s interior features wood-finished walls and bright splashes of art – beautiful but not intruding – which add a sophisticated touch. Guests are provided with a free bread buffet for breakfast in the lobby – one of the hotel’s many services that has been simplified, but without a sacrifice in quality. A selection of natural yeast breads – including matcha and sesame – can be toasted in the lobby and then taken upstairs to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room with coffee provided there.

Stay at a Nest Hotel

In 2018, Nest Hotel group is launching six new properties, including Nest Hotel Tokyo Hanzomon, Nest Hotel Hakata Station, and Tissage Hotel Naha in April, Nest Hotel Kyoto Shijo Karasuma in August, and Tokyo Shinjuku and Osaka Umeda in December. Next year will see the launch of Osaka Shinsaibashi in May, and Hiroshima Hachobori in December. And in April 2020 they’re planning to open Kyoto Oike.

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