The first time I visited Kurkku Fields, it was in the dead of winter, a grey January day. We left Kawasaki and headed south. The further we drove on the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway (stopping at Umi Hotaru for a brisk walk and immediately regretting it), the more we saw the sky fill with snow and grail. Despite all this, Kurkku Fields offered nothing short of a warm welcome, treating us to a delicious lunch, showing us every way they were taking advantage of their vast corner of Chiba. When August came around, we knew we wanted to go back and experience the farm on a humid, hot summer day. And so, we did.

Fresh Organic Everything

It took about nine years to cultivate the farm and transform it into a flourishing agricultural site. At the time of its opening in 2019, it had put together a sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem with poultry and dairy ranches and an edible garden with seasonal produce. Everything that is harvested or collected throughout the farm is transformed into a delicious ingredient, meal or dessert.

At Kurkku Fields, you’ll find a sit-down restaurant where you can eat delicious homemade pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella, two bakeries (with one only specializing in a fluffy chiffon cake), a butcher shop selling wild meat sausages and cold cuts, and an ice cream stand in the summer. Everything can be savored on-site but can also take things home. And, if a trip to Chiba just isn’t in the cards for you right now, Tokyoites can order food packs through their online store.

In addition to various eateries, families with children will love the playground and open spaces. There is also a library currently in construction, set to be opened in early 2021.

Art in the Wild


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After you’re finished with your lunch or dinner, I highly recommend taking a long walk around the farm. If you take your time, we’re talking about a 30-minute stroll. Make sure to keep an eye out for the art pieces scattered around the land.

Yayoi Kusama‘s bright spotted pumpkins make quite the impression against the green of a small forest. Other contribution artists include Fabrice Hybert, Camille Henrot, Anish Kapoor, and Flacc. Experiencing these installations outdoors is an experience that is rare in Tokyo outside of Roppongi‘s Maman.

Stay the Night

Kurkku Fields also offers some accommodation options for those who want to extend their trip to Chiba by a night. There are four tiny houses, each with a distinct decor. The houses come with everything you might need to spend a comfortable night. They are located right among the main buildings, giving visitors access to the Center House, a lounge and entertainment space decorated with earthy tones and luxe wooden furniture — perfect if you want to take a break before breakfast or get to know other visitors.

Seasonal Events

This fall, Kurkku Fields is launching a series of seasonal events. With vast spaces, there’s plenty of space for groups of family and friends to go and enjoy this little corner of Japan while also eating great food ⏤ and practicing social distancing.

For a limited time, visitors can enjoy picnic packages outdoors as well as BBQ at a designated grilling area. This activity is only available until the end of the season! Those interested in up-and-coming talent in the Japan culinary world can enjoy the freshest produce and take a quick-cooking lesson with guest chef Shinichiro Harakawa on September 20.

Find out more about Kurkku Fields here.