Japan’s updated cherry blossom 2024 forecast is out. The first bloom in Tokyo is estimated to start from March 24. Read on to see the main takeaways from the flowery report.

Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2024 By Region

The forecast is based on predictions following the first blossoms (kaika) to the full bloom spectacle in over 1,000 viewing spots from the south of the country to Hokkaido in the north.

Cherry Blossom season japan forecast

When Will the Cherry Blossoms Bloom?

As you can see above, Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees are expected to be in full bloom (mankai) by the end of March, according to the new 2024 Cherry Blossom Forecast from the Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC). 

The first bloom in Tokyo will begin sometime around March 24. Osaka and Kyoto in the Kansai region is expected to begin blooming around March 27 and March 25 respectively. The chilly climes of Hokkaido will be the last to see full bloom, reaching its peak one month later, at the end of April.

Updates on estimated dates will be posted on the Otenki Navigator, as well as on the Sakura Navi app, which you can download via Google or from Apple app stores.

Cherry Blossom season japan forecast meter

Current Cherry Blossom Status

The JMC has also released its Flowering Meter, which details the status of the sakura trees toward flowering and full bloom across the country.

The latest update pulled the Aomori and Sendai cherry blossoms forward by more than half a week each, at five days and four days earlier than average respectively. Across the country in Nagano, cherry blossoms will bloom five days early.

This is likely to be a result of uncharacteristically hot weather which has drawn headlines worldwide, suspected to be a by-product of climate change.

How to See Cherry Blossom Across All of Japan

If you’re a big cherry blossom fiend, you may even want to follow the blooms across the country. Some keen cherry blossom fans do this, making the trip from south to north each year to enjoy as much of the sakura as possible.

You may want to stay in Kyushu toward the end of March, then head to Nagoya, before going to Tokyo. At the beginning of April, you can spend some time in Sendai. To round off your cherry blossom tour, visit Hokkaido during Golden Week to catch the last of the pink blooms.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms