With pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and deep ties to ancient Ryukyu culture, Ishigaki Island is filled with exciting attractions and aquatic activities.

Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas (stylized as FUSAKI BEACH RESORT HOTEL & VILLAS) sits on the southwest edge of the island, a mere 35 minutes by car from the airport. Hosting Ishigaki visitors since the 1980s, the resort was expanded in mid-2020 and again in 2022 with the addition of a selection of new private villas, which are now open for booking. 

For over four decades, Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas has provided only the best of Ishigaki through a wide variety of options to suit any and every traveler: from comfortable guest rooms with a cozy atmosphere ideal for both short and long stays, to a sleek beachside pool and restaurants serving innovative dishes fusing local and international cuisines.

Home Away from Home

Whether you’re traveling with your partner or your family, seeking privacy and comfort can narrow down the options when it comes to accommodation. Luckily, the six new villas at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas allow for a no-compromise trip. 

Four of the villas are compact spaces equipped to accommodate couples looking for an intimate escape. Choose between a private pool or a terrace as your preferred adjacent outdoor space — depending on what you envision for your escapade. 

The remaining two villas, named the Forest Suite Villa and the Garden Suite Villa respectively, are better suited for those who might want to spend most of their time outdoors. Both come equipped with a fire pit — an essential for a cozy evening under the stars. The Forest Suite Villa includes a private pool, while the Garden Suite Villa has a larger dining room and BBQ space, ideal for late-night romantic conversations over dinner and beyond. 

Dip, Dry, Repeat

At Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas, how and where you want to cool off is up to you. Take your pick from the many facilities around the resort premises. A beachside pool offers the priceless luxury of lying on a lounge chair one second and submerging yourself underwater the next. In the warmer months, guests can linger by the pool well into the evening for the illusion of non-stop relaxation if they so choose. At any time during their stay, guests can wander to Fusaki Beach, which is a stone’s throw away from the hotel.

For families, one parent can take a breather while kids can burn some energy at the nearby splash park. Featuring water slides among other thrilling splash park contraptions, this area was specially designed for younger guests and serves as a fun and safe interactive space.

Those with babies and toddlers will appreciate Ayapani, a space Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas has created to ensure parents can spend quality alone time without the kids, while knowing they are looked after and having fun.

Rediscover the Roots of Ryukyu

Never go to bed hungry or with an unmet craving, as there are a plethora of restaurants and bars throughout the resort. The latest addition, Hanaré (stylized as HANARÉ), is a must-visit for those who want to dine in style. Opened in 2022, this exquisite fusion restaurant presents Ryukyu cuisine staples in an innovative fashion. Make sure to don appropriate attire for this swanky and immersive gourmet experience.

The chefs at Hanaré promise nothing short of a sensory experience starring key local ingredients like aasa sea lettuce, shima bananas and Ishigaki beef — all served to you in an intimate, sumptuous restaurant environment, completely enveloped in local vegetation. The inspiration behind every seasonal menu is to highlight the complex characteristics of Ryukyu cuisine, which pulls from traditional Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese culinary cultures to create a unique blend of flavors. 

Even for those who are already familiar with Okinawan ingredients, every dish on the menu will be sure to spark new flavor experiences of the local fare.

Make a Splash

The knowledgeable staff at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas can point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding on the many aquatic activities around the resort and the island. Test your balance atop a paddleboard or participate in a snorkeling tour and take a closer look at the incredible marine life that lives along the shores of Ishigaki. 

Guests are also encouraged to book package tours to take them outside the resort. Available tours range from bicycle excursions around Ishigaki to kayaking and trekking through Iriomote Island. Be sure to check with the resort staff for seasonal schedules. 

Alternatively, take a break from the water and sign up for morning yoga or join one of the numerous workshops, which range from shisa (a lion-like mythological creature in Ryukyu mythology) painting to candle making. Families will be happy to know the majority of the activities are kid-friendly, though we promise the adults will enjoy themselves too. 

More Info

Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas
1625 Arakawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture


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