THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier is not the only hotel in Japan to reference blooming flowers but it is one of the few that does it consummately well. Rising out of Fukuoka’s cosmopolitan skyline, the 14-floor high-end accommodation perfectly captures the rich symbolism and timeless appeal of beautiful flowers. Exquisite design, facilities and service come together to offer an enriching stay – no matter how fleeting your visit.

Flourishing Fukuoka

As the southern gateway to Asia, Fukuoka has long been welcoming international visitors to its sunny shores. But recently, tourist numbers have skyrocketed as travelers catch on to the city’s combination of waterfront charm, warm hospitality, and exceptional food. Now, they have an equally winning place to stay thanks to the launch of THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier by JR Kyushu Hotels.

Unveiled in late September 2019, it’s the second hotel under the high-end THE BLOSSOM brand, following THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA in Tokyo which opened its doors a month earlier in August.

Characterized by their sophisticated concepts and promise of an exclusive level of hospitality, both hotels aim to fulfill the needs of the modern traveler while drawing on elements of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). While THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA is inspired by its bustling inner-city Tokyo location – with an urban palette and a motif of the changing seasons – THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier boasts a distinct Fukuoka flair.

Hakata Distilled

Situated in the vibrant Hakata Ward zone, close to the central JR Hakata Station, THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier brings all the colorful energy of the city and distills it into a serene and restorative space to guarantee guests a truly Fukuokan experience.

Hakata can be felt in every detail throughout the hotel. The exterior of the building features what look like long strips of fabric, an aesthetic that’s based on the ancient craft of Hakata Ori. Adapted from weaving techniques imported from China in 1241, Hakata Ori is a type of textile known for its supple durability. Made from thick strips of yarn twisted together, Hakata Ori is typically used to craft traditional obi (Japanese sashes) that are worn with kimono.

At the lobby level, interior walls are designed to replicate old Hakata walls which were made with stones and tiles recycled from buildings damaged during wars in the Sengoku period (around 1500). Guests will spot several artifacts from the Kyushu region on display here, too.

Rooms with a View

The local culture is further visible in various ways across the hotel’s 238 rooms, where Hakata-Ori patterns decorate lampshades, washi paper lines the walls and tatami mats are used to create a comfortable corner for guests to chill out Japanese-style (depending on your room choice). All the rooms are spacious – more than half are larger than 30 square meters – and possess a chic, minimalistic feel. Wide windows display impressive views over the city.

Standard and deluxe types are situated on floors five through 13, along with wheelchair-accessible rooms. On the top floor of the hotel, called the HAKATA Floor, are the exclusive luxury rooms that come with additional privileges including larger suites and bathrooms, and stunning plum blossom-themed artwork above the beds. Guests on the HAKATA Floor benefit from the HAKATA LOUNGE, a polished relaxation space that serves drinks and snacks. Sip high-quality green tea picked in the Yame area in southern Fukuoka Prefecture or hand-drip coffee made from specially selected beans, deftly poured into beautiful Kyushu ceramics. At night the HAKATA LOUNGE transforms into a slick bar where you can drink in the twinkling lights of the city with a glass of sake.

Around Kyushu in 80 minutes

Staying at THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier provides a chance to get your teeth stuck into Kyushu’s colorful culinary landscape. The hotel’s Nine Doors restaurant showcases the wide-ranging specialties of the island, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients delivered fresh to the hotel. In the morning, dive into the buffet-style breakfast of Japanese and Western dishes, or wake up late (you are on holiday) for a leisurely lunch. Nine Doors is also open for dinner and bar-time after sunset. Bright and airy in the day, and intimate and romantic at night, whatever time you go you can expect to be taken on a culinary tour of Kyushu without having to leave the hotel.

THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier pays homage again to Hakata in its Japanese bathing facilities. The men’s sento (shared public bath) features a historic map of the old downtown in the 1930s. Female guests get to gaze while they bathe at hanging ornaments called sagemon crafted in the nearby canal town of Yanagawa – a popular day trip from the city.

Neighborhood Insights

Speaking of trips, if and when you decide to leave the comfort of the hotel, you can join its special guided excursions taking place on Sundays. English-speaking staff escort guests on a mini adventure through Hakata, giving an insider’s insight that will help you make the most of your stay.

The hotel’s central location means it is within walking distance of Fukuoka’s popular attractions. Mega shopping and entertainment complex Canal City is very close by, while the spectacular Kushida Shrine is a few steps further. Foodies should not miss the Nakasu-Kawabata district where you can drink and dine with locals at the yatai (open-air food stalls) – an indispensable stop on a tour of Fukuoka’s night-time entertainment. And since you’re only a seven-minute walk away from JR Hakata Station, it’s easy to hop on the train for a trip to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine or Nokonoshima Island.

THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier, along with its sister property THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA, hopes to become the preferred choice for those in search of a memorable stay in Japan. An all-round hospitality experience imbued with the identity of its location is a clever concept – one that, much like a bouquet of freshly cut blossoms, is hard to resist.

Address: 2-8-12 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Access: Seven-minute walk from JR Hakata Station or one-minute walk from Ekimae 3 Chome bus stop. Fukuoka Airport is eight kilometers away.
Price: Standard Double, from approx. ¥16,000 per room per night.
Reservation: Book rooms via the website or call +81 (0)92-431-8702.

Address: 1-1-13 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Five-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station Hibiya Exit, two-minute walk from Uchisaiwaicho A2/A5 Exit.
Price: Standard Double, from approx. ¥19,000 per room per night.
Reservation: Book rooms via the website or call +81 (0)3-3591-8702.

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