Camping ticks all the boxes. It’s a good way to get away from the city, it’s Covid-19 friendly provided you travel in a small group and it allows you to enjoy the most beautiful nature spots Japan has to offer, no matter where you go. To help you prepare for the camping season, here are five items to help you put together your perfect kit.


1. Finetrack Flow Wrap Jacket

While camping is a great way to experience the outdoors, the right type of clothing can make or break the experience. This Flow Wrap jacket by Finetrack is designed to keep you dry and comfortable, protecting you in a wide range of weather conditions. And if a jacket isn’t enough, you’ll find a hoodie, pants and gloves in the Flow Wrap series too.


2. Montbell Moonlight Cabin 4

It goes without saying: a spacious and sturdy tent is a necessity. Inspired by Montbell’s original Moonlight series, the Cabin 4 tent is easy to set up, can function as a comfortable living area during the day and fit up to four people when it’s time for some shut-eye.


3. Logos Designer Soft Cotton Sleeping Bag 

When camping one should not completely give up on comfort. When putting together your camping kit, do include Logos’ soft cotton sleeping bags. This checkered sleeping bag was designed to not only keep you warm but bring an interior design flair to your tent. 

4. Uniflame Yama Kettle

A kettle is a must when camping in Japan. It will certainly come in handy when preparing yourself some instant noodles or preparing your morning tea. This Uniflame kettle has a stylish matte finish and is easy to carry. Pick your preferred size from 0.7, 0.9 or 1.5 liters to ensure everybody in our party stays hydrated.


5. Oigen Hot Sand Cooker 

At the heart of the camping experience is cooking in the wild. In Japan, this often means grilling your freshly caught fish over a fire. Why not diversify your meal options by packing a cast iron sandwich maker? This small cookware by Oigen is easy and surprisingly light to transport. All you need are some slices of bread and the filling of your choice.