Inspired by Osaka’s vibrant culture and community of musicians and visual artists, Nest Hotel Japan Corporation’s latest opening under its Bespoke hotel brand transports the beauty and artistry of Japan from street to suite. Situated not too far from Shinsaibashi Station, Bespoke Hotel Shinsaibashi launched in April and TW was there to enjoy all the comfort and creativity for which the company has become known.

The second in the Bespoke (stylized as BSPK) chain, this brand-new hotel is the result of a collaboration between innovative minds from various fields. The unique exterior, which incorporates an interesting layering technique, gives the building a sense of movement.

While the facade sets the hotel distinctly apart from neighboring complexes, it does not disturb the functionality nor does it disrupt the landscape. In fact, the hotel group is so committed to creating a “dialogue” with the surrounding city that when you enter the lobby you might wonder whether you’re inside a building at all.

High ceilings and a plethora of plants in the lounging area certainly make you feel like you’re strolling around an outdoor patio. Look closer and you’ll begin to notice striking artifacts that introduce you to Osaka’s iconic locations and artworks. On display you’ll find two traditional Japanese dolls positioned above a ceramic plate designed for takoyaki (octopus balls), the popular street food that is said to have originated in the city. You’ll also spot a mini turquoise ceramic reproduction of the Glico running man, the famous symbol for Glico candy that’s become a landmark in Osaka’s Dotonbori canal district.

Designers and visual artists worked together to create an experience in which guests can also enjoy a taste of Osaka’s art scene within their rooms. The curtains are printed with grungy photography of the city’s landscape, which contrasts well with the suites’ modern yet cozy feel – bright in the morning and sultry in the evening. Even if you’re sharing a room, you’ll find it spacious, and we can confirm that the tub is bubble bath worthy (tried and tested by TW).

For the hotel’s BSPK Bar, which boasts a hip industrial ambience, local food experts were brought in to select a mix of cold meats and other eats that complement the range of locally produced craft beers. As for the playlist, international guests will feel right at home.

Bespoke makes a point of catering to Japanese and English-speaking customers in all areas. All signage as well as website services are available in both languages and hotel staff are bilingual (and uber stylish, we might add). So when you’re ready to head outside and looking for recommendations to discover Osaka like a local, your needs are – as BSPK puts it – simply a spoken word away.

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