Capsule hotels are inexpensive accommodations featuring rows of stacked sleeping compartments. This type of accommodation originated in Japan and has attracted attention from around the world.

Hotel Zen Tokyo is a totally new type of capsule hotel: the room design is based on the tea room of tea ceremony creator Sen no Rikyu.

Tea rooms, or chashitsu, are said to be the essence of Japanese minimalist design. During his study in the United States, hotel president Taro Kagami realized that the design and functions of Japanese tea rooms were attracting much attention, while the booming rents in major cities of the world are the huge concern among architects. Kagami came up with the idea of establishing a global hotel brand in Tokyo: a capsule hotel with the minimalist theme of a tea room.

Hotel Zen Tokyo is a luxury capsule hotel: the ceiling is 2.2 meters high, much higher than the standard capsule hotel. There are five room types with various on room sizes, bed sizes and designs. The hotel has five floors and the first and second floors are for women only. A large common area includes a bar and lounge.

The hotel has an excellent location for both business and sightseeing. It is a 30-second walk from Ningyocho Station, and Ginza, Nihonbashi and Tokyo Stations are also very close.

For more details, see the official site (English) or PR TIMES (Japanese only)