As Tokyo’s state of emergency continues on, the large scale events that are usually held in Odaiba are few and far between; however, as always, there are still exciting happenings to going on in the area. This time, the search for fun things to do extends a little beyond Odaiba to the surroundings in Koto-ku, as there are several wonderful exhibitions and events back on the mainland part of the ward. This month you can find a few exciting trade-shows going on at Tokyo Big Sight, a Latin festival and a variety of new exhibitions at a variety of galleries and museums.

Big Sight Events

Big Sight

Anime Japan

At the end of March, Tokyo Big Sight will be host to one of the world’s largest anime events, Anime Japan. The event is finally back after a two year hiatus, and this year they are also hosting some online events, so those who are unable to make it out to Odaiba can still take part. The full details of the event aren’t released yet, but keep an eye open for information, because it is very likely that entry may be restricted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

When: Mar 27–28
Where: Map

Beauty World

Beauty World is the largest beauty product trade fair in Japan. Japan’s beauty market is extensive and constantly evolving; this trade show will showcase all of the cutting edge innovations and trends in the industry. The event will feature cosmetics, natural and organic products, hair products, nail products, and plenty of other beauty related products. This show is probably best suited for those in the beauty industry, but it might have something to offer for those just interested in the world of Japanese beauty products too.

When: Apr 19–20
Where: Map

Fashion World Tokyo

Having been held successfully in 2020 during the pandemic, the Fashion World fashion expo will be held again this year towards the end of March. Of course, anything can happen in regard to cancellations and postponements, but it seems that Japan’s largest fashion show will be going full-steam ahead with over 350 vendors in attendance. The event is geared more towards those in the fashion business, but I am sure fashion enthusiasts will also find something of interest there as well. If trekking out to a convention centre is too big of a commitment, you can also make a virtual attendance.

When: Mar 23–25
Where: Map



Daito Manabe + Yusuke Tomoto + 2bit, chains, 2016, Exhibition view: “GLOBALE: New Sensorium – Exiting from Failures of Modernization”, Courtesy of ZKM | Karlsruhe, Photo by Tobias Wootton and Jonas Zilius [Reference Image]

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo: rhizomatiks_multiplex

One of rhizomatiks’ first claims to fame was a relatively simple music video published on Youtube in 2008 entitled Electric Stimulus to Face. Since then, they have turned into a multi-media powerhouse that melds such disparate fields as music, architecture, robotics, art, dance, programming, advertising and marketing into multi-faceted installations. They have worked with artists like Bjork, Perfume, Ryuichi Sakamoto and more to create installations that push the boundaries of art and technology. To celebrate their 15th anniversary, rhizomatiks will have an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary art in Koto-ku.

When: Mar 20–Jun 20
Where: Map

Mark Manders

Mark Manders’ Studio View

The Absence of Mark Manders

The Absence of Mark Manders exhibition will be held concurrently with the rhizomatiks_multiplex exhibition. While the latter makes use of multimedia, Manders makes use of comparatively traditional materials and methods. Manders is most famous for his sculptures. His ongoing piece entitled “Self-portrait as a Building,” is an endless series of works consisting of architectural plans, sculptures and other mediums. This exhibition will feature several of his fragile-looking, clay-like sculptures as well as many other works.

When: Mar 20–Jun 20
Where: Map

Time tunnel of the restoration Photo courtesy of NHK

Miraikan – Disaster and Future – Ten Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake

March 11, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most significant and tragic events in the lives of most Japanese. The Great East Japan Earthquake was not only a major event in Japanese history, but also in the history of the world. This special exhibition will focus not only on the disaster, but also the subsequent recovery, and the future of disaster prevention in Japan. The exhibition will also display information about the incident that occured at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant after the earthquake, and will also touch on evacuation methods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When: Mar 6–28
Where: Map

TeamLab Planets

TeamLabs Planets will be sakura themed for this spring season. This digital art museum has five unique digital art installations that are interactive and offer an immersive and otherworldly experience. With the current installation, you will be able to walk through knee high water covered with floating digital sakura petals. If you have never been to TeamLabs Planets, now is a perfect time to visit.

When: Mar 6–Apr 30
Where: Map


Odaiba Latin Fest

The Odaiba Latin Festival is a celebration of Mexican and Latin food and culture. The festival will be located on the West Promenade just outside of Odaiba Station. There will be many stands selling food, drinks, and other products. There will also be live music and dance performances. This is a great chance to experience some Latin American food and culture during a time when travelling abroad is next to impossible.

When: May 1–4
Where: Map

Seasonal – Cherry Blossoms

Sarue Park

This park in Koto-ku has a long stretch of sakura trees along the Yokojikken River. From the opposite side of the river you can get a perfect view of the long row of cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Skytree standing tall behind them.

When: First bloom Mar 15 | Full bloom Mar 23
Where: Map

Ojimakomatsugawa Park

This is a large park on the far eastern edge of Koto-ku. It is likely to be busy, but perhaps less busy than the other major parks in central Tokyo. It has a huge promenade along the Arakawa river with 1000 cherry trees, so you can enjoy a long walk and hopefully find a comfortable place to sit and soak it all in.

When: First bloom Mar 15 | Full bloom Mar 23
Where: Map