Shimokitazawa is its usual alive and exciting self this month. Of course, as always, keep in mind that Covid-19 restrictions are constantly changing and things can be canceled at short notice. But there are plenty of outdoor events and small exhibitions that can be visited at off-peak times. There’s always something new in Shimokitazawa. In September it’s new wine shops, exhibitions, festivals and fairs to keep us entertained.

Food & Drink

Però — The Neighborhood’s New Wine Stand


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A new location opens in Shimokita in September for the Sangenjaya based wine stand Però and its partner restaurant Bricca. The shop doesn’t have too many details yet, but if it’s anything like the Sangenjaya location it will have a friendly atmosphere, a wide selection and helpful staff to provide recommendations for the perfect glass. The exact opening date isn’t specified, but I imagine they will want to wait until current alcohol restrictions are lifted.

Where: 3-19-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

Museums & Exhibitions

An Exhibition on Everyday Life

new in Shimokitazawa

This exhibition is located in Robert Shimokitazawa, a hip and forward-thinking co-working space that can be rented hourly or monthly. This exhibition by Aso is the second one that Robert has held. It features simply drawn surreal art with daily objects in unexpected ways. The exhibition is free, so go see it while you can.

Where: 2−30−14 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku
When: 10am—7pm | Until Sep 10


Curry Festival — The 10th Anniversary of Shimokita’s Spiciest Festival

new in Shimokitazawa

The Shimokitazawa Curry Festival is easily one of the most exciting events of the year. Upwards of 100 vendors create their own unique curry dishes to serve as part of the festival. Unlike other festivals, this one isn’t held in a fixed location, but instead, each restaurant has a sign posted saying they are participating. You can simply pop in the ones that look interesting.

Shimokitazawa becomes filled with people seeking out deliciously spicy curry-themed dishes. To keep track of what you’ve eaten and what you want to eat, you can scan QR codes at each restaurant you visit. This also allows you to earn points which can then be exchanged for curry-themed goods.

This year might be a little different due to Covid-19 regulations but keep an eye out for more information and make sure to mark it in your calendars.

Where: Multiple locations
When: Oct 28—Nov 14

Kitazawa Hachiman Festival — A Toned-Down Version of the Annual Matsuri

The Kitazawa Hachiman Festival is usually one of the area’s biggest summer festivals. This year it will be toned down and won’t have the typical mikoshi parade and food stalls, but they will still have two days of festivities at the shrine and around it. Stop by on Saturday or Sunday and find out what festivities they have in store.

Where: 3-25-3 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku
When: Sep 4 & 5

Tama Art University Book Fair — An Exciting Independent Book Fair

new in Shimokitazawa

Tama Art University is holding a book fair together with the Personal Publishing Project. A variety of things will be on sale including many fun independent books. It’s a good chance to support smaller publishers, artists and other creative people. Another “bonus” on top of that is the fact that Bonus Track is always fun to visit, book fair or not, so take this opportunity to check it out.

Where: 2-36-15 Shirota
When: Sep 3: 5pm—8pm | Sep 4: 11am—6pm

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