A hint of spring is in the air and it is making its way to Shibuya. The bustle of the city slowed down in January but seems to be picking up steam as we head further into March. You can expect some fantastic art exhibitions and a galore of sake and sugary sweets — who knew the combination would be so appetizing? Why not pick up a treat for yourself or someone you love in Shibuya this month.

Art Exhibitions

Yabiku Henrique Yudi

©Yabiku Henrique Yudi

Yabiku Henrique Yudi – “MOTION”

Collage artist Yahiku Henrique Yudi will hold his largest solo exhibition to date at Diesel Art Gallery. With a background in Brazilian and Japanese culture, Yabiku looks for inspiration in the beauty of incongruity and imperfections of today’s world. As he expands his creative platform mainly through collages and installation art, Yabiku is currently considered one of Tokyo’s emerging artists. The exhibition will showcase more than 30 new pieces of art, including three-dimensional pieces.

When: Until May 13 | 11:30 – 20:00
Where: Map

Mr Brainwash Exhibition : Life is Beautiful

Shibuya PARCO Museum hosts the first large scale exhibition in Japan by LA-based street artist Mr Brainwash. The enigmatic Mr Brainwash has steadily garnered global attention since his appearance in Banksy’s 2010 documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’. His raw visual take on popular culture and mass consumption has attracted legions of fans, leading to international exhibitions, high profile celebrity collaborations and a recurring residency at Art Basel.

When: Until Mar 15 | 11:00 – 20:00
Where: Map

Robert Doisneau La Musique Paris

Immerse yourself in the magnificent works of one of France’s most celebrated photographers. Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) is renowned and adored as a pioneer of modern photojournalism and practitioner of humanist photography. His works capture the everyday lives of the residents of Paris, with this special exhibition focusing on his celebration and love of music.

When: Until Mar 31 | 10:00 – 18:00
Where: Map

Food and Drinks

Qrais Cafe at Tokyo Parade

Enjoy a fun and tasty cafe time with the popular characters by Qrais. The quirky creations of Japanese illustrator and animator Qrais are popping up to take over Tokyo Parade cafe and goods store on the sixth floor of Shibuya PARCO. Tuck into special themed menu items, check out the limited goods on sale and immerse yourself in the humorous world of Qrais Cafe with all your favorite characters, including Suki Usagi, Suki Nezumi and more. All orders receive a special lunch mat as a gift, with a different design available in the evenings from 5pm.

When: Until Apr 5 | 11:00 – 20:00
Where: Map

STEAM BREAD Store Opens in Ebisu

On February 10 a new type of store opened up in Ebisu. STEAM BREAD’s concept is to reignite the souvenir and gift culture. Please your loved ones with a surprise gift of delicious bread that’s made from a unique steaming process using 100% domestic wheat. This method creates an unprecedented texture. When you’re next invited to a dinner party why not warm up the atmosphere with a loaf of bread. Products include cheese omelette bread, extreme cream cheese, Ebisu rusk and their original coffee.

When: From Feb 10 | 10:00 – 20:00
Where: Map

Kubota White Day Chocolates and Cocktails

From Valentine’s day, Kubota has been offering an irresistible combination: chocolate and sake. Introducing amazing cocktail concoctions and sweets you have unlikely tried before, such as instructions on how to make Yuzu Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Terrine and more. Hurry to Kubota Sake Bar, to try the Chai Cocoa and Tiramisu and get inspired for White Day.

When: Until Mar 14 | Weekdays: 12:00 – 20:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 11:30 – 20:00
Where: Map

Harajuku Sweets Collection at Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

The theme of this collection is ‘unknown hidden sweets’. Exploring different sweets from local areas that you may not have heard of. There are many sweets to choose from, with around 300 types from 23 different brands across Japan and overseas.  Sample some products from the on-site concierge and find the perfect fit for your next baking session.

When: Until Apr 4
Where: Map


SNS New ‘La Collection Mercure’

Using premium materials and sportswear, SNS is releasing a new collection inspired by the Roman god Mercury, the god of thieves and commerce. The clothes will be classic but with a contemporary twist. Find a crew-neck knit made using the intarsia knitting technique, a silk shirt with a jewel print or a high-quality beanie with the SNS logo.

When: From Feb 24
Where: Map or Online



Shibuya Scramble Square is bringing you a spring fair with an assortment of lifestyle goods, fashion items, sweets and seasonal restaurant menus. They will have a wide selection of products you can look forward to, including cosmetic and luxury brands recommended by fashion model Mayumi Sada and stylist Yuri Arai. Stay up-to-date with Shibuya’s latest spring fashions.

When: Until Mar 17
Where: Map

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Here’s what’s new in other parts of Tokyo and Yokohama: