As the clouds of the rainy season fade away and in come the blue summer skies, it’s a great chance to take advantage of the new takeout options that are opening up around Kichijoji. It seems like the fun of August will mostly be interrupted by another state of emergency, but you can always get takeout and enjoy it safely distanced in the park. If you are in the mood for shopping, there are new options opening up as well, so get out and enjoy Kichijoji. 

Restaurants & Dining

Himeno Annin — Deliciously Silky Almond Tofu Sweets

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This small specialty shop serves a large variety of the Chinese dessert almond tofu, which is actually a mistranslation as the tofu-like pudding is made from the pits of apricots, not almonds. This sweet and fruity pudding is very refreshing and light, perfect for summer. You can get it topped with almond tofu ice cream or with any number of fruits and toppings. They also offer it in a drink form. The shop doesn’t have anywhere to eat inside, so get some takeout and enjoy it in the park.

Where: 1-1-3 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 11:30am—9pm

The Daps Famous Hood Joint — New York Style Sandwiches in a New York-esque Setting

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With a name like The Daps Famous Hood Joint, you know you are getting into something interesting. The owners, inspired by their time in Harlem, serve up unpretentious New York-style sandwiches that satisfy cravings for something big, messy, and flavorful. These sandwiches are the antithesis of the tidy and angular shokupan sandwiches you’ve come to expect in Japan. Whether you go for the Authentic Chopped Cheese Sandwich or the over-the-top Wagyu Roast Beef Sandwich, you are sure to get something delicious and filling. This shop doesn’t have traditional seating, but instead boasts a playful brick-staircase inside that serves as a street-inspired place to eat.

Where: 2-20-3 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 9am—8pm

Banh Mi Sandwich Kichijoji — Fresh Vietnamese Sandwiches Right Outside the Station

This friendly and affordable banh mi shop is located just outside the south exit of Kichijoji station and serves a wide variety of banh mi sandwiches. The bread is all made in-store and you can definitely tell by the taste. Toppings include classics like Vietnamese ham and pâté, as well as Japanese ingredients like mackerel and miso-marinated pork. Banh mi baguettes seem to be getting more and more popular in Tokyo and this place is a must-visit if you’re a fan. It offers takeout only, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Where: 1-5-7 Kichijoji Minamicho
When: 10am—9pm


Sippo — Charming Home Goods from Across Japan


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Sippo is a lifestyle store that has high-quality products ranging from kitchenware and tableware to clothing and fashion accessories. There are products from across Japan and from a few European makers as well. Everything is beautiful and well made, so visit the store and see if you can find something you like. Sippo has a few locations around Tokyo, mostly along the Chuo Line in West Tokyo. They are now opening a second Kichijoji store located inside the Kirarina Mall inside Kichijoji Station.

Where: 2-1-25 Kichijoji Minamicho
When: 10am—8pm

Strawberry Box – Strawberry-Themed Everything

If you’ve ever had the dream to decorate your entire apartment to be strawberry-themed, you can now make it come true easily. Strawberry Box is a small shop that exclusively sells strawberry-themed goods. From bedsheets and pillows to sofas and rugs, this shop has it all. Want something that truly stands out in your strawberry-themed apartment? You can purchase a full strawberry-themed wardrobe, complete with an umbrella. Or, at the very least, you can buy a few things to add some strawberry chic to your life. Not everyone goes overboard.

Where: 1-17 Kichijoji Minamicho
When: Weekdays 11am—5:30pm | Weekends 11am—6:30pm

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