As we approach the end of what is hopefully Tokyo’s final state of emergency this year, White Day, or the second Valentine in Japan in mid-March, is a key theme of this month’s “What’s New in Ginza”. A range of luxurious gift sets and desserts are populating the neighborhood’s shelves, while also on the calendar there are: a limited-time-only “natural fashion” boutique, a popular suit shop shaking up the industry with new speed-tailored suits, and a pair of unique modern art showcases. Here’s what’s new in Ginza for February 2021:

what's new in ginzaGinza Six: Uka White Day Campaign

Beauty product company Uka has launched its Happy White Day campaign. As tradition dictates, White Day, taking place on March 14, is an opportunity for men to give reciprocal gifts to their female partners in thanks for the chocolates they may (or may not) have received on Valentine’s Day a month prior. Given that society has progressed somewhat since the inception of White Day in the 1970s, gift packages, such as the three new sets from Uka, now often come in unisex varieties too. Using luxurious blends of essential oils and organic ingredients, Uka’s cosmetic compilations bear the names of the sensations they are trying to instill: Hug, Balance, Dream.

Uka products can be purchased at the sleek store in Ginza Six, at various other Tokyo locations, or online.

what's new in ginza

“Tell a Tale” White Day Treats at Cozy Corner

At Ginza Cozy Corner, one of Tokyo’s most popular sweets café chains, a new “Tell a Tale” gift box campaign has been rolled out for White Day. Tell a Tale is a short story told through chocolates and baked goods, accompanied by an AR (augmented reality) greeting message in Japanese. The story of a girl, a squirrel, a rabbit, and a cat is featured on each box design, and when you scan the QR code on the back with your smartphone, the characters will kick into animated life.

The sweets come in a range of styles and flavors, from pistachio cookies to butter madeleines, and can be purchased in stores from February 15 (limited stock) or online.

White Day Chocolates Across Ginza

The shopping centers’ depachika floors and confectionaries across Ginza will be equally filled with chocolate-themed gifts over the next few weeks until White Day. The offerings are both plentiful and catered towards sweettooths of all kinds: lighter-than-air macarons and nutty pralines at Mitsukoshi Isetan; sakura chocolate or strawberry mille-feuille pastries at Godiva; decadent low-carb chocolate at Le Chocolat De H; or glamorous desserts and pies from the Wako building’s cake shop. Online purchasing options available for all of the aforementioned stores.

floral sushi

Colorful Floral Sushi Heralds Spring at Shari

In honor of cherry blossom season, which is set to grace the parks and gardens of Tokyo toward the end of March, “Ohanami Sushi Roll” bento boxes are the seasonal offering at two Ginza restaurants in February. At Shari the Tokyo Sushi Bar and its counterpart Shari in the Mitsui Garden Hotel, three sets of elegant sharing lunchboxes will be on the menu: 12 kinds of sushi rolls, 36 pieces (for 3-4 persons); 9 kinds of sushi rolls, 18 pieces (for 1-2 persons); 9 kinds of sushi rolls, 9 pieces (for 1 person).

Utilizing seasonal ingredients – sakura petals, firefly seabream, wild spring vegetables, and more – the sushi assortments burst with color, juxtaposed against their traditional wooden packaging. The three sets are available for take-away only at both restaurants (reservation via telephone or in-person may be possible on the day depending on availability of ingredients) and are on sale from February 23 to April 30, 2021.

Global Style Ginza Offers a Speedy Alternative to Tailored Suits

Tangoya Corporation, which operates custom-made suit specialty shop Global Style, is holding its “2Weeks Speedy Finishing Fair” until Sunday, February 28. Spurred by the notion that one month is the timeframe necessary to tailor a custom-built suit, the 2Weeks Speedy Finishing Fair allows customers to acquire one in half that time.

At Global Style stores around Tokyo, several of which are in Ginza, you can go from picking out your fabric from a high-quality selection to sliding into your crisp new suit in a mere fortnight. Please note, however, the current two-week turnaround time offer lasts only until February 28 – in-store fitting reservations can be made online

Oliver Beer Solo Exhibition at The Club in Ginza Six

British artist Oliver Beer, whose work utilizes musical compositions and sculptures to explore the relationship between sound and space, has a solo exhibition at The Club, Tokyo this month. The exhibition, Ghost Notes (Part 1), examines how music ties cultures together across time and geographical distance. Kicking off in the Ginza Six complex on February 6, the event runs through March 16. You can make reservations here.

Gaspard et Lisa – Japan Debut 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Ginza has long been a bastion of art in all its myriad forms, and among the other exhibitions in the neighborhood, this month is a showcase of Gaspard et Lisa (Gaspard and Lisa) from the popular children’s book series of the same name. The Parisian pair of distinctly canine-looking rabbits – or possibly leporine-looking dogs – have been described as “neither dogs nor rabbits” but a pastel-drawn amalgamation of the two. Either way, they have undoubtedly been a kawaii hit in Japan. The exhibition, which celebrates 20 years since Gaspard et Lisa debuted here, runs from February 23 to March 3 on the 8th floor of Matsuya Ginza. Limited ticket numbers are available, but advanced reservation is possible online.

what's new in ginza

Natural Clothing Store KAPOK KNOT Opens Up a Pop-up Store in Ginza

On the 3rd floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, KAPOK KNOT, a fashion brand whose clothes are crafted using nut fibers from the Kapok tree, is opening a limited-time-only pop-up store. The sustainable, functional and animal-free material has evolved to absorb moisture and retain heat when it’s cold, and to release moisture to keep cool when it’s warm.
KAPOK KNOT’s selection of light coats and jackets will be available to try and buy in Ginza for a very short window: February 17 – 23 between 10am and 7pm. Alternatively, you can purchase items from their extensive clothing range online.

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