This fall Shibuya unveils three new skyscrapers, each one creating modern, interactive experiences like nowhere else in the world. Shibuya Scramble Square opened on November 1. Shibuya Parco reopened on November 22. Now Tokyu Plaza Shibuya opens doors on December 5. With the popular neighborhood receiving a much-needed facelift, here’s a quick guide to the new digs.


The elder statesman of the group was renovated back in 2012, and with it found a new focus: how can Hikarie provide an enjoyable window-shopping experience during a short work break, while also providing a place where visitors can relax after all that browsing?

Earlier this year, Hikarie revealed its new restaurant floors, with a focus on healthy and moderate portions of a variety of Asia- and Italy-inspired restaurants.

On its top floors, the building has communal space often rented out during Tokyo Fashion Week and throughout the year hosts various workshops. You’ll also find an entire floor dedicated to showcasing creativity, including the permanent d47 Museum.



While all the buildings on this list offer a unique exterior, Stream is probably the most recognizable in the Shibuya landscape. With its hints of white cascading down, you can easily tell where it got its name.

If you need a break from shopping, Stream, opened in summer 2018, is the place to head. The liveliest parts rest in its unique and vast selection of restaurants. From everything from steak to dumplings and sushi, you’re sure to find something to suit your cravings – and you will not be disappointed.


Scramble Square

With the reveal of arguably the most significant landscape-altering skyscraper on this list, Scramble Square made quite the first impression when it opened doors in November 2019. Boasting a rooftop observation deck that’s prepping to be a great spot to soak up the summer weather, the new building is already attracting legions of photographers and lookie-loos who want to take advantage of its sky-high view.

You don’t need to head up to the roof to enjoy Scramble Square, however. Linking directly to Stream and Hikarie, the shops that made it into this complex were carefully thought out to avoid redundancy. Scramble offers more luxurious and high-end brands than its counterparts, meant for true lovers of fashion and limited-edition items.



After hiding behind Akira-inspired walls for the last few months, the latest Parco addition already has quite a few fans following its opening in November 2019. Embracing its new home, visitors can find every ounce of Shibuya spirit throughout the various stores, which range from familiar luxury brands to local designers, and even include your favorite manga publishers and Japan’s first Nintendo store.

Leave behind the more traditional shopping experience and immerse yourself in inspiring decor or just look at the beautiful pieces at Issey Miyake. Need more reasons to visit? Read about the five things we saw at Shibuya Parco here.


Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

The latest and final installment of the Shibuya redevelopment (for a while, at least) is Tokyu Plaza Shibuya. You can already see its lights and geometric exterior in the evening, but the best is yet to come. Opening on December 5, 2019, just in time for the holidays, the shopping complex will hold all your favorite brands, but quite a few lifestyle and home goods stores too.

One thing that’s unique to the Plaza is its 17th floor. Made possible thanks to designer Masamichi Morita and CEO Yasuhiro Inazuka among others, Cé La Vi is a combined entertainment and dining facility. There you’ll find French Asian dining, a bar, a bao burger restaurant, a terrace and night club lounge. A little something for every mood.

Spread over 2,300 square meters, it’s the largest space of its kind in the country. And terraces are rare in the city, so we can’t wait to see how the Shibuya nightlife shifts with this much-anticipated addition.

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