Japanese tea is famous around the world for its taste and aroma, but at MINGLE you can do much more than just taste it. At this community building in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, you can actually stay in a room inspired by Japan’s tea culture.

While checking into or out of MINGLE, guests will have a chance to participate in a Japanese tea tasting, courtesy of Minokamo Chaho, a Gifu specialty shop that’s continuing the country’s centuries-long traditions of enjoying tea. With leaves supplies by Minokamo Chaho, you will first taste a powerful tea extract, followed by a more balanced tea made with 70-degree water, and finally an aromatic on-the-rocks tea made with boiling water.

To help guests experience the spirit of Japanese tea even more, the elegantly-simple rooms at MINGLE have been decorated with Mino pottery and Mino paper due to their connection to the surrounding Mino region, where Gifu’s Ibicha and Shirakawacha brands of tea are grown. With all that it has to offer, a night at MINGLE will feel like literally stepping into a part of Japanese culture.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).