Hankering for a trip to the beach? Missing the feel of sand underneath your feet? Look no farther than Shibuya’s Udagawacho, the site of a new branch of popular cafe Alee Beach.

The floor of the cafe, which opened October 20, is covered real white sand, offering a tropical resort-like atmosphere in the heart of Tokyo.

Aside from the sand, there are also swing-type seats, hammocks and divan sofas, making Alee Beach the most relaxing cafe in town. Visiting is like taking a mini vacation, all without leaving the city.

Meanwhile, the original Alee Beach, also in Shibuya, is featuring a pair of Angel Wings by artist Colette Miller—and they’re the first the artist has done in Japan. Miller’s wings will also be making their way to the new location soon.

For more information, visit the official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)