Between June 14 and 30, the 5th floor of Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport, also known as Flight Deck Tokyo, will be transformed into a new kind of art gallery: the VINYL MUSEUM. The theme of this new exhibition will, appropriately, be “travel,” and it will focus on “photogenic art” that only becomes complete when people interact with it.

From rubber duckies to giant lollipops, neon chairs, stuffed rabbits, and bathtubs filled with pillows, every part of the VINYL MUSEUM is meant to be touched by visitors. By photographing and recording themselves interacting with the exhibits, and then uploading it to social media, museum guests help bring the museum items to life. In the past, more than 30,000 people around Japan became part of this interactive exhibition. Will you help the VINYL MUSEUM break that record this year?

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