In all things, there must be something that can be called “the best,” the absolute pinnacle of its field. The Ushimitsu restaurants claim that they are that when it comes to grilled meat. The chain is known for selecting only the finest quality wagyu beef from all over the country and preparing it using the most refined methods, which you’ll be able to judge for yourself at the upcoming Ushimitsu Nishiazabu restaurant, scheduled to be opened on September 14.

The commemorate the grand opening, Ushimitsu Nishiazabu has prepared a special menu consisting of such delicacies as Chateaubriand and Caviar, Japanese Black Beef and Foie gras, or Sirloin steak grilled on coals and firewood. The last one is of particular interest as the restaurant has apparently specially selected dozens of kinds of coal and firewood from around the world to ensure that their dish is second to none. Visit there today to experience it all for yourself.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).