After sending the 80 pages of material, which all of TW’s staff plus our trusted freelance collaborators had been hunched over for months, to the printer, our collective sighs of relief might have started a small tornado. But our fashion issue is beautiful, so it was all worth it.

“We deserve a drink. Or two. Or a party.” This was what the TW team had to say after we finished. And then we realized if we want a party, we’ll need to throw one. So we did.

We did it with the help of More Than Music (MTM), a company that knows all about music and more. It’s an organization that not only arranges events but also curates the Tokyo music scene with its monthly membership program. The Netflix of music, if you will. MTM brought art and music together in Earth+ Gallery in Kiba and TW brought the “more.”

The Art & The Music

The walls in Earth+ Gallery were adorned with Peter Leghorn’s photo-realistic artworks. His subject matter is varied, from recycled printed physical media to digitally collaged portraits.

The party started with a chilled out DJ set by Zuma. that felt like a sonic breeze. We could hear why he described his music as “wavy” in TW’s interview with him. Next, the dreamy Josiah Hawley took over the stage and everyone’s undivided attention. TW loves this talented heartthrob and you can read more about him here. (Plus, we have a video of Hawley eating insects with our former editor in chief).

The final performance was by QPLO, a funky music act that we just can’t get enough of. They are described by MTM as “a modernized disco duo in search of creating music that freely transcends borders and age.”

Everything was brought together with the great cyber visuals by The Nerrd throughout the night.

baird beer

The Drinks

Three beverage brands made the night extra special for us. Baird Beer provided creative craft beers that were in high demand, winning over even those who rarely drink beer. Rémy Martin offered some of the highest quality gin, whisky and cognac (with an orange zesty splash of their Cointreau). Finally, Tequila Mucho had a whole array of tequila and mezcal and everyone either started their night or ended it with their shots. Truly a night to remember (or not remember, depending on how many shots you had).

The Vibe

The TW x MTM event welcomed everyone in the community, from longtime TW readers and MTM members to TW’s writers and photographers who make us what we are. We saw our cover star Masumi, Michail Gkinis who was one of the designers we interviewed for the March issue, Solène Ballesta who shot our fashion spread and Allan Abani who shot the TW cover, among many others. And last but not least, TW’s editorial and design staff members were there of course.

We hope to see everyone again at the next one.

Photos by Lisa Knight