Tokyo Weekender’s series TW Creatives feature various works by Japan-based writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators and other creatives in a bid to provide one additional platform for them to exhibit their talent. The works submitted here belong entirely to the creators — Tokyo Weekender only takes pride in being one of their most passionate supporters!

For our latest entry, we’re sharing a Tokyo-made podcast hosted by content creator and friend of TW Meljo Catalan. 


Made in Japan is not your usual ‘cool Japan’ podcast. Host Meljo Catalan wants to explore the side of Japan outside of sushi, sumo, anime and video games. It is a show where he meets talks with people from all walks of life living in Japan, sharing their stories, their trials and tribulations, and, most importantly, their successes.

Catalan is a Filipino American immigrant raised and educated in Connecticut, USA. After studying business management and creative writing at university, he moved to Japan 15 years ago. By day, Catalan is an in-house corporate English teacher specializing in Business presentations and public speaking.  He also works with universities and high schools in developing presentation-based English programs.  In his free time, he is a musicophile and somebody who loves to digress. He learned to fuse these qualities into becoming a podcaster.

In their first episode of 2021, Catalan chats with TW editor-in-chief Nick Narigon and creative director Liam Ramshaw about the Tokyo community and what it means to run a magazine and website in Japan.

Keep up with Made in Japan here.


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