Stop by Isezaki Mall on select weekdays in the early afternoon to enjoy one of many great — and free — weekly events at this famous Yokohama shopping street.

Tuesdays — Jazz Shows

Isezaki Mall’s Tuesday jazz concerts are one of the most recent additions to the area’s repertoire and one of the most popular. As jazz capital of Japan, Yokohama has no shortage of talented jazz musicians and many of them take to the stage for a Tuesday post-lunch live show to entertain shoppers and local fans alike. Head over to listen to a live session on a weekday afternoon to reset and reclaim your day.

1F JRA Excel Isezaki, 1-2pm every Tuesday, free

Thursdays — Rakugo Performances

Starting in 2010 as a tribute to the 140-year history of the Isezaki-cho area, which boasted many theaters throughout its history, weekly rakugo (Japanese comedic storytelling) events are a popular afternoon pastime on Thursdays. Two performers take turns to tell engaging stories hailing from as far back as the Edo period, or newer works created this century. Drop by to get a taste of Japanese traditional culture in a modern age and cultivate an understanding of the humor that guides this ever-popular form of entertainment.

1F JRA Excel Isezaki, 1-2pm every Thursday, free

Fridays — Mini Classical Concerts

Starting in 2005, Isezaki Mall’s classical concerts perform to a full crowd of 120 seats plus standing room every week. The performance is split into two, approximately 30-minute sessions, separating classical symphonies and modern tunes. Talented musicians play scores from sonatas and concertos as readily as nursery rhymes, anime songs and J-pop hits. Come early to guarantee yourself a seat at this unmissable weekly concert.

1F JRA Excel Isezaki, 1-2pm every Friday, free

Isezaki Mall
Nearest stations: Kannai Station, Hinode Station, Bashamichi Station.
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