The 2018 version of Tokyo Fireworks Festival, one of the most popular fireworks events in Japan, is set to take place August 11 in Odaiba.

The event brings together top-class pyrotechnicians from around the country who will launch no less than 12,000 fireworks. The festival brings together the fireworks with music, food, entertainment and technology. This large-scale summer spectacular attracts people from around Japan and the world.

For the first time in its history, the event will combine fireworks with kabuki theater. Famous kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa will perform in a new fireworks-themed play at the rooftop theater in Aquacity. (Tickets must be purchased separately.)

Fireworks can be seen from various designated areas such as the beach, houseboats, rooftops and more. Tickets for the kabuki play and beach area are on sale now. For pricing and more details, visit the official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)