The Chestnut Tree Project has borne fruit once again. A collaborative initiative between the Atelier MUJI gallery in Ginza and various artists, the goal of the project is to create and exhibit art that might have little economic value but which will last and delight people in the future, much like a chestnut tree. The theme of the third installment of the project, presented in collaboration with MASHIKO Product, is “think” and it goes on display on November 29 at the Atelier.

The MASHIKO Product is a group engaged in the creation and promotion of traditional Japanese art from the Mashiko area, especially its pottery. Distinctively rustic, Mashiko ware has gained prominence around the world for its original and practical designs, which today have risen to the level of art, thanks in no small part to the efforts of groups like the MASHIKO Product. Join them at the Atelier exhibition and ponder the very idea of utility and utensils. The exhibit ends on March 8, 2020.

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