For centuries, Tokyo Bay has served as an important gateway between Japan and the world. Residents of the capital and tourists love the area — and with good reason. Waters Takeshiba (stylized as WATERS Takeshiba) may just be the one-stop Tokyo destination you’ve been looking for. 

Located only six minutes on foot from Hamamatsucho Station, Waters Takeshiba opened in 2020. The multicomplex aims to be a place where visitors can see, learn, play and eat. Waters Takeshiba is home to a number of facilities: an Atré department store, theaters and a hotel.

10:00 – Unwind on the Waterfront

Waters Takeshiba boasts a vast open space that expands to the pier. Here, visitors can sit down to snack, drink or soak up the sun while taking in the view of the Tokyo skyline. 

There is a small tideland for those who’d like to get extra close to the water and its inhabitants. This tideland has a purpose: to make space for the Tokyo Bay sea life to thrive on the shore. Peek down and you’ll see crabs, wild birds and fish unique to the Tokyo Bay ecosystem. Occasionally, Waters Takeshiba hosts bayside activities, including a community clean-up where adults and children alike can participate in picking up plastic that floats ashore. Some of the collected debris is then repurposed to make accessories during special events.

Looking to set sail? Explore Tokyo Bay and western Tokyo via boat. Waters Takeshiba is a stop along a few cruise routes including, but not limited to, boats bound for Odaiba, Ryogoku, Kasai and Asakusa. 

12:00 – Culture Up

Waters Takeshiba offers a range of cultural activities, such as delightful performances at the JR East Shiki Theatre (stylized as JR-EAST Shiki Theatre HARU and AKI). These branches of the Shiki Theatre Company put on productions suited for a broad audience with a soft focus on musicals. Theatre Haru can accommodate about 1,500 spectators while Theatre Aki can welcome about 1,200 theatergoers. Shows here are sure to entertain amateur and big fans of theater. Additionally, you’ll find Jiyu Theatre (stylized as JIYU Theatre), which sits about 500 people and hosts straight plays and independent productions.

For something more interactive, check out the Dialogue Diversity Museum, where you can experience the world as navigated by deaf, hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired residents of Japan. A visit will teach you, through a variety of activities and challenges, how other senses assist in communication across communities.

 14:00 – Taste the World

Scattered throughout the two buildings that make up Waters Takeshiba, you’ll find more than enough restaurants and eateries to suit any craving. From Korean to North American cuisine, there is plenty to choose from. 

Seafood lovers will be spoilt for choice at Singapore Seafood Republic, where they can indulge in crab, shrimp and more. Those with a sweet tooth may appreciate Wa Cafe Tsumugi, a café that specializes in Japanese wagashi and desserts. Alternatively, pick up some healthy snacks to go and munch outdoors.

Jicoo The Floating Bar | Photo by Anna Petek

18:00 – Entertainment Tonight, Every Night

Waters Takeshiba’s cruising options continue after hours. Most notable is Jicoo The Floating Bar, which takes you on an evening cruise, tunes and drinks included, on Fridays and Saturdays. Though it might look like your standard riverboat from the deck, on the inside, Jicoo has a cozy and retro feel complemented by colorful lighting. 

Bank30 | Photo by Anna Petek

On land, there are plenty of entertainment options. Bank30 (stylized as BANK30) doubles as a restaurant and a music venue. The cocktails are a must — especially the botanical gin and tonic. It has just the right balance of bubbles and sweetness. Bank30’s velvet art deco interior is warm and welcoming. Every weekend, guest DJs take to the stage while customers mingle, talk and enjoy the waterfront at night in a novel way.

For private parties, consider Shakoba (stylized as SHAKOBA). With a variety of room types, this multipurpose community space can accommodate any kind of group. Shakoba’s branding has accents pulled from Japan’s Showa Era (1926–1989), giving it a delightfully retro feel. Walking into any of its three rooms and main hall is like traveling back in time. Rent a fully-equipped kitchen and host a dinner party, or run your very own sunakku for a night. The possibilities are endless.

Photo by Anna Petek

21:00 – Mesmerizing Views

For special occasions or if you’re in the mood for a more elevated experience, head to Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection (stylized as mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection). The hotel’s elegant decor reflects its slogan, “Tokyo Waves.”

Staying guests can sample a selection of amenities curated and designed with sustainability and creativity in mind and in collaboration with leading Japanese brands. What’s more, refreshments include a full pour-over set and a matcha-making kit.

Visitors can treat themselves and loved ones to Mesm’s best food and drink offerings at the hotel restaurant and bar, both connecting to the lobby on the 16th floor. The restaurant, Chef’s Theatre, is a French restaurant with a live kitchen. As its name implies, guests can enjoy the course meals that are inspired by the world of famous plays, novels and movies. The hotel bar, Whisk, is modeled after a painter’s atelier. Here, the mixologists are the artists and transform the drinking vessels into colorful canvases. The creative menu features cocktails inspired by famous paintings such as Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and René Magritte’s “The Son of Man.”

For more information on upcoming events and more, visit Waters Takeshiba’s official website.