Tokyo is now hitting its hottest month of the year. With Japan’s frequent unpredictable rainfalls and thunderstorms, we recommend always having a collapsible umbrella on you and packing a bottle of water. Here is a list of summer festivals, conventions and exhibitions to enjoy with friends, loved ones and family.

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1. Comiket: Summer 2022 Doujinshi Convention

The bi-annual doujinshi convention will allow independently created and published manga artists and fans to exchange goods. The convention brings together people who create and absorb a wide range of genres and styles in various forms, including books, music and films. Early admission tickets cost ¥5,000, morning admission tickets cost ¥2,000, afternoon admission tickets cost ¥1,000 and cosplay general admission tickets cost ¥3,500.

When: Aug 13–14 | More Info

2. Evangelion Crossing Expo

Neon Genesis Evangelion, the anime series that started a cult-like following since its inception in 1995, has gained worldwide popularity beyond the framework of manga, movies, games and other media. This exhibition will feature products from the various events that have shaped “EVA culture” to date.

When: Until Aug 26 | More Info

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Wind Chime Festival

3. Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Wind Chime Festival

Visitors can visit Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine to see about 1,500 colorful wind chimes and try food and drinks from stalls. The shrine is known as a “love shrine,” so this is the perfect chance to make romantic summer memories while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Maybe cool down with the shrine café’s wind chime-inspired ice cream for ¥400.

The shrine will also light up from 6:30pm to 8pm, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

When: Until Sep 4 | More Info

4. Onryo Zashiki: Haunted House Full of Vengeful Spirits

This summer, for a limited time only, visitors to the “Onryo Zashiki” haunted house use their smartphones and headphones to enjoy content that makes them feel as if they are on a date with a character at a haunted house. The male voice is performed by Yuki Kaji and the female voice by Ayane Sakura. You can choose which one you want to listen to.

The haunted house will be directed by haunted house producer Hirofumi Gomi, with visual effects by teamLab.

When: Until Sep 25 | More Info

Konia Minolta Planetarium

5. Queen Heaven Music Show

“Queen Heaven” was produced in Germany under the supervision of Queen guitarist and astronomer Brian May in 2001 after Freddie Mercury’s death. It features 19 songs starting from “Mother Love” to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The music show will pay homage to Freddie Mercury and Queen using original music, pictures and video recordings and 360-degree video effects.

When: Until Nov 24 | More Info


6. Slow Down – Hideki Tarui Exhibition

Painter Hideki Tarui will hold his solo exhibition “Slow Down,” featuring new paintings. This exhibition is about the emotions that people experience as they navigate the chaotic, overwhelming world of social media and the news cycle. His paintings will portray the paranoia and mind-control that users face in the modern world and the ways that they can filter online content. Rather than reacting emotionally, his paintings show how users can react gently to the tumultuous digital environment like a willow tree swaying in the breeze.

When: Until Sep 11 | More Info

Wa no Akari

7. Wa no Akari Exhibit

The annual “Wa no Akari” exhibit in Hotel Gajoen will feature Japanese art that uses technology to play with light and shadow. It will feature creators from a wide range of platforms, including painters, sculptors, glass lamp-makers, wind-chime makers and lighting artists. Each room of the luxury hotel’s original building will highlight a different art style centered around the concept of “light and shadow.” For example, “Yokai Lantern” by Gonjiro Ito will be set in a space with more than 200 years of history where contemporary art mixes with traditional paper scrolls and ukiyo-e. Same-day tickets are ¥800 for students and ¥1,500 for general admission. Last admission every day is at 5:30pm.

When: Until Sep 25 | More Info