There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Tokyo this week, including Yayoi Kusama’s new art exhibition, Moku‘s EP release live show, the first winter illuminations, and more.

yayoi kusama tokyo exhibition 2022 2023

1. EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE: Yayoi Kusama’s New Art Exhibition

In this new exhibition, avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama invites you into her current creative state and her hallucinatory visions through exclusive paintings, drawings and mesmerizing installations. In one room, a floor to ceiling installation of acrylic paintings beautifully captures the culmination of her experiential oeuvre, while the next literally envelops you in Kusama’s creative mind.

Please note there are no tickets at the door, so advance registration and booking are required.

When: Until Feb 26, 2023 | See more information about this event

2. MOKU EP Release Live Show at Forestlimit

Moku, stylized as MOKU, is a band that creates a psychedelic ambiance with elements of traditional Japanese music. The sound they create is rather unique yet brings a feeling of nostalgia.

The band has just released its second EP “Moku Roku 2” and will be playing live at Forestlimit in Hatagaya on November 15 to promote it.

When: Nov 15 | See more information about this event 

Man Ray Indestructible-Object

3. Man Ray Objects Exhibition: Affections

Jewish American artist Man Ray is known for his broad range of Dada and Surrealist art. Throughout his turbulent life, facing language barriers and two consecutive wars, he repeatedly had new encounters and separations from loved ones. He created “objects of affection” that poetically translate a combination of thing and word, no doubt influenced by his own defragmented worldview. The objects are the center of the exhibition and are placed alongside other artwork, including photographs, printed material and paintings. This Man Ray curation is the first of its kind in Japan.

When: Until Jan 15, 2023 | See more information about this event

4. Nerd Nite Tokyo #44

Nerd Nite is a monthly event that gathers three speakers and a curious crowd for a night of fascinating talks and socializing. Held in more than 100 cities worldwide, it also has a Tokyo chapter.

The 44th iteration of Nerd Nite Tokyo will cover topics of altruism, cat rescue and the issues of the internet, to put it broadly.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, plus light snacks will be available.

When: Nov 18 | See more information about this event

rinko kawauchi

5. Rinko Kawauchi Photography Exhibition: M/E on this Sphere Endlessly Interlinking

Internationally acclaimed photographer Rinko Kawauchi is known for the soft light and unique colors she uses, and the fragility of life she brings out in her work. In this new solo exhibition titled “M/E,” Kawauchi showcases a connection between the self and Mother Earth through images of volcanoes in Iceland and other previous works, contrasted with everyday moments during the Covid-19 pandemic. The final effect is the generation of an oeuvre that is highly personal, but also offers a universal sentiment for the unity between nature and human life.

When: Until Dec 18 | See more information about this event

6. Yomiuri Land Jewel Illumination

This year’s Yomiuri Land’s Jewel Illumination was developed by Motoko Ishii Lighting Design. This illumination is the world’s first using LEDs inspired by the color of jewels.

All facilities and attractions, as well as performers’ costumes, will take on a sparkly veneer during illumination season. .

When: Until April 9, 2023 | See more information about this event