As the year 2022 comes to a close, Tokyo is bustling with holiday cheer. There’s plenty to keep you occupied in the capital this week, lots of seasonal entertainment such as winter illuminations, Christmas markets and more.

Christmas Food and Markets

1. Rainbow Christmas at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

The Hilton Tokyo Odaiba has a fantastic view of Rainbow Bridge, providing colorful inspiration for this holiday season. Like the seven colors of the rainbow, there are seven holiday offers and events at the hotel, including special accommodation plans (the “Hilton Santa Delivery” option sees Santa Claus deliver gifts to your room), festive dining and a Christmas market.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

2. Christmas Specials at Park Hyatt Tokyo

The iconic hotel in Shinjuku offers a whole range of festive options this holiday season. Tuck into original Christmas cakes and cookie assortments created by the hotel’s pastry chef or enjoy a Christmas special dinner course available at four of the hotel’s restaurants. There are also many gifts for purchase, including ham and even a soba noodle set for those looking to celebrate a traditional Japanese New Year.

When: Until Jan 9, 2023 | See more information about this event

3. Dream Christmas at Tokyo Skytree

It’s Tokyo Sky Tree’s 10th anniversary this year, and that’s set to add some extra sparkle to the Christmas season. Skytree Town will be aglow with gorgeous illuminations and Tokyo Skytree itself will be lit up with Christmas-themed projection mapping, featuring its mascot Sora-chan. Check out the Christmas Market for more seasonal treats and festive spirit.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

4. Christmas Market at Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills’ Christmas Market takes place for the 16th year. A total of eight stores are being lined up, including original German Christmas miscellaneous goods and authentic German cuisine items such as mulled wine and sausages.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

5. Saturday Christmas Dinner by More Than Music

Sundays are for winding down after a busy week and sometimes an even more hectic weekend. MTM loves organizing the occasional Sunday dinner combining tasty food, great live music and amazing people to bring forth the atmosphere of a family Sunday dinner.

To match the season, the December dinner event is a traditional Christmas dinner with live music by Elliot Cormack.

When: Dec 24 | See more information about this event

Winter Illumination Events

6. Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Illuminations

Approximately 800,000 LED lights illuminate the 400-meter-long Keyakizaka Street near Roppongi Hills this holiday season. The illuminations at Roppongi Hills are cool-toned blue and white lights which enhance the trees to look as if they are covered in sparkling snow.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

7. Tokyo Midtown Christmas Illuminations

Known for imaginative illuminations, Tokyo Midtown is set to dazzle this year with a promenade of golden lights, limited-time releases of soap bubbles and a Christmas tree decorated like a party popper. A wonderful selection of music accompanies the illuminations for that extra jolly mood.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

8. Omotesando Hills Christmas Illumination 2022

The artist unit “Daisy Balloon” is appointed for this year’s Christmas illumination production. With the theme of “floating balloon tree of light”, approximately 14,000 balloons, each made by hand, are being used to create a Christmas illumination that uses the entire atrium space that is the symbol of Omotesando Hills. In the center is a glowing tree with a height of about nine meters.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

9. Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas

Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Skytree Town are being decked out in Christmas colors and winter lights, renewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the area. The Skytree will display two variations for 2022: ‘Candle’ and ‘Champagne.’ In the ‘town, an eight-meter white Christmas tree is on display, along with projection mapping and the triumphant return of the Christmas market.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

10. Marunouchi Illumination 2022

As with every year, around 340 trees on both sides of Naka-dori in Marunouchi are brightly lit with around 1.2 million “Champagne Gold” lights. The light trail stretches along Tokyo Torch Park and Otemachi Naka Dori. Around Tokyo Torch Terrace, many restaurants and cafés are making terrace seats available, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the illuminations.

When: Until Feb 19, 2023 | See more information about this event

11. Hibiya Magic Time Illumination 2022

Hibiya is a town that frequently appears in movies and television dramas, making it the best place to take a moment away from everyday life. The illuminations are champagne gold and amber, giving a warm and relaxing vibe to the whole area. Go to the Park View Winter Garden on the sixth floor for more illuminations and a beautiful view of city lights

When: Until Feb 14, 2023 | See more information about this event

Tokyo Dome City

Christopher PB via Shutterstock

12. Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination 2022

Tokyo Dome City’s illuminations are one of the most spectacular and interactive lights of the season. You’ll find magnificent tunnels of lights, a giant Christmas tree and dozens of winter-inspired sculptures scattered around the area. This year’s theme is “picture-perfect illuminations.”

When: Until Feb 28, 2023 | See more information about this event

13. Naked Star Aquarium Illumination

A one-of-a-kind Christmas-decorated space, Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa’s seasonal event has the theme of “Sea of Stars.” Digital technology is used to create an exciting Christmas space that fuses images of stars and ornaments with living creatures. This year, visitors can enjoy a “Dolphin Performance” that depicts different Christmas moments during the day and night, an aquarium exhibit that links to the constellations, a café bar that looks like a gift box, as well as other Christmas-inspired content throughout the venue.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

14. Tokyo Mega Illuminations at Oi Racecourse

Winter illumination events are being held at Oi Racecourse on race-free days. In addition to a breathtaking fountain show and aurora borealis illumination, visitors can enjoy interacting with the miniature horses and ponies. They can go on pony rides in the pasture during the weekends and holidays.

When: Until Jan 10, 2023 | See more information about this event

15. Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination 2022

Tobu Zoo hopes to bring smiles with its 2022 winter illumination event. At night, rides and other attractions such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster light up with colorful lights. A light show using music and CG animation is one of the many popular events, but also be sure to take a stroll around to spot the LED animals.

When: Until Feb 12, 2023 | See more information about this event

16. Ginza Six Rooftop Skating Rink

The Ginza Six rooftop garden has been turned into a skating rink this winter. Rinks that use resin instead of ice are eco-friendly because they do not use electricity, and guests’ clothes do not get wet. Christmas decorations are hung on the trees around the rink, and guests can enjoy glittering illuminations at night. In addition, a star tower is installed in the center of the skating rink.

When: Until Jan 31, 2023 | See more information about this event

17. Gundam Factory Yokohama Winter Illumination

Japan’s and the world’s biggest robot, the Gundam at Gundam Factory Yokohama light up in a new way this season. A special winter production named “GFY Winter Illumination 2022 feat. Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch” is being held at 3:20pm, 5:20pm and 7:20pm each day. The illumination is accompanied by the track “Blessing” from the popular band Yoasobi.

At 6pm and 7pm each day there’s a different illumination that is part of Yokohama’s grand winter illumination coordination. This event ends on January 3, 2023.

When: Until Jan 9, 2023 | See more information about this event

18. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Market

The Christmas Market at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse has become a popular seasonal event in the last few years. This year too it’s taking place and the venue will be decorated with German-made wooden booths and objects that create the atmosphere of an authentic Christmas market.

Authentic German gourmet food and holiday dishes such as grilled sausages and mulled wine, as well as Christmas wreaths, ornaments and European miscellaneous goods are being sold. Various Christmas-related workshops are also being held.

When: Until Dec 25 | See more information about this event

19. Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination

Celebrating its 16th anniversary in 2022, Tokyo German Village’s illumination event is a union of light and music. Walk under a river of lights, spot the different characters sculpted in the fields and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. This illumination is definitely worth the trip.

When: Until March 19, 2023 | See more information about this event

20. Yomiuri Land Jewel Illumination

This year’s Yomiuri Land’s Jewel Illumination was developed by Motoko Ishii Lighting Design. This illumination is the world’s first using LEDs inspired by the color of jewels.

All facilities and attractions, as well as performers’ costumes, take on a sparkly veneer during illumination season.

When: Until April 9, 2023 | See more information about this event

21. Sagamiko Illumillion 2022

This winter, in addition to its regular display which uses 6 million LED lights, Sagamiko Illumillion features a Sumikko Gurashi–themed area for fans of the franchise.

When: Until April 2, 2023 | See more information about this event