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13 Things To Do in Tokyo This Week: January 9–15

The top events, exhibitions and seasonal happenings in Tokyo

After a few days of celebrations over the new year, Tokyo returns to its normal, bustling self this week. There’s an iconic collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, a flower-inspired photography exhibition and a literature exhibition at Waseda University’s Haruki Murakami Library. Winter events and illuminations continue. And for those who might be interested in ice skating, Ginza has its very own rooftop rink.


Poetry Reading and Live Music Performances at Whiz Cafe

On January 14, poets from the Tokyo Poetry Journal and solo artists Robert Taira Wilson and Kev Gray and The Gravy Train take to the stage at the stylish Whiz Cafe to perform at an event hosted by More Than Music. Enjoy an evening of poetry, music, friendly faces and delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jan 14 | Event Details

louis vuitton yayoi kusama pop up store

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Pop-Up Store

French fashion house Louis Vuitton and Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s collaboration is brought to life at this new pop-up store in Harajuku. Alongside a massive lifelike sculpture of the artist herself, the store is brimming with Kusama’s signature polka dot pattern resembling the immersive art installations she’s known for.

Until Jan 22 | Event Details

Ginza Six Rooftop Skating Rink

Part of the Ginza Six rooftop garden, which boasts the largest rooftop area in Ginza, has been turned into a skating rink this winter. Rinks that use resin instead of ice are eco-friendly because they do not use electricity, so guests’ clothes do not get wet. Christmas decorations are hung on the trees around the rink, and guests can enjoy glittering illuminations at night.

Until Jan 31 | Event Details

Art Exhibitions

Man Ray Indestructible-Object

Man Ray Objects Exhibition: Affections

Jewish American artist Man Ray is well known for his broad range of Dada and Surrealist art. Throughout his turbulent life, facing language barriers and two consecutive wars, he repeatedly had new encounters and separations from loved ones. He created “objects of affection” that poetically translate a combination of things and words, no doubt influenced by his own defragmented worldview. The objects are the center of the exhibition and are placed alongside other artwork, including photographs, printed materials and paintings. This Man Ray curation is the first of its kind in Japan.

Until Jan 15 | Event Details

Omotenashi salon 2023 events tokyo

Flowers and Photography Exhibition: Omotenashi Salon 2023

Flower artist Daisuke Shimura collaborates with four up-and-coming photographers in this special event called “Omotenashi Salon.” The whole venue is filled with photographic artworks using fresh flowers and plants.

Until Jan 15 | Event Details


The Eyes of the Prayer: Photographs and Works of Shinya Fujiwara

After traveling across Asia, Shinya Fujiwara made waves in the art world with his photographic masterpieces displaying vivid landscapes and people. This exhibition introduces Fujiwara’s pictorial travelogues, which depict his unique social views. It’s also the first time for a major event to showcase approximately 200 of Fujiwara’s most notable works.

Until Jan 31 | Event Details

Sadamasa Motonaga: “Triangle, Circle, Square”

Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo presents the solo exhibition of Sadamasa Motonaga: “Triangle, Circle, Square” to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the birth of the artist. There have been many projects and exhibitions organized nationwide throughout the year. This exhibition features 15 paintings produced between 1990 and 1999 presented at the gallery’s Tokyo space.

Until Feb 18 | Event Details

yayoi kusama tokyo exhibition 2022 2023

Every Day I Pray For Love: Yayoi Kusama’s New Art Exhibition

In this new exhibition, avant-garde artist Kusama invites you into her current creative state and her hallucinatory visions through exclusive paintings, drawings and mesmerizing installations. In one room, a floor to ceiling installation of acrylic paintings beautifully captures the culmination of her experiential oeuvre, while the next envelops you in her creative mind.

Until Feb 26 | Event Details

haruki murakami library


The World Opened By Translation: Exhibition in Haruki Murakami Library at Waseda

This exhibition organized by The Waseda International House of Literature (also known as the Haruki Murakami Library) examines translation and how it helped Japanese literature spread abroad, especially the English-speaking world. The full title of the exhibition is “The World Opened by Translation: Contemporary Japanese Literature Repackaged for the Anglosphere and Beyond.”

Until March 26 | Event Details

Winter Illuminations

Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination 2022

Tobu Zoo hopes to bring smiles with its 2022 winter illumination event. At night, rides and other attractions such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster light up with colorful lights. A light show using music and CG animation is one of the many popular events, but also be sure to take a stroll around to spot the LED animals.

Until Feb 12 | Event Details

Marunouchi Illumination 2022

As with every year, around 340 trees on both sides of Nakadori in Marunouchi are brightly lit by about 1.2 million “Champagne Gold” lights. The light trail stretches along Tokyo Torch Park and Otemachi Nakadori. Around Tokyo Torch Terrace, many restaurants and cafés have made terrace seats available, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the illuminations.

Until Feb 19 | Event Details

Sagamiko Illumillion 2022

This winter, in addition to its regular display which uses 6 million LED lights, Sagamiko Illumillion features a Sumikko Gurashi –themed area for fans of the franchise.

Until Apr 2 | Event Details

Yomiuri Land Jewel Illumination

This year’s Yomiuri Land’s Jewel Illumination was developed by Motoko Ishii Lighting Design. This illumination is the world’s first using LEDs inspired by the color of jewels. All facilities and attractions, as well as performers’ costumes, take on a sparkly veneer during illumination season.

Until Apr 9 | Event Details