There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Tokyo this week including a night pool, matcha beer garden and a moon-viewing event. On top of all that, there are various exhibitions, live music and fashion shows and an antiques fair. Here’s what to look out for in Japan’s capital over the coming seven days.

1. CanCam x Tokyo Prince Hotel Night Pool

The night pool event at Tokyo Prince Hotel is produced by popular Japanese fashion magazine CanCam. The event was postponed after 2020 due to Covid-19, but is making a comeback this year with the theme of “Nostalgic Retro Summer.” The colorful illuminated objet d’art and floaties will be decorated with neon signs and other retro-style decorations. Tokyo Tower can be seen from the pool.

When: Until Sep 11 | More Info

2. Matcha Beer Garden

This beer garden has a matcha twist. All-you-can-drink tea-based drinks, such as green matcha beer and matcha highballs as well as non-alcoholic Japanese tea mocktails will be ready for visitors. Savory and sweet dishes made with various kinds of tea are also available.

When: Until Sep 30 | More Info

Mukojima-Hyakkaen Garden

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3. Mukojima-Hyakkaen Garden Moon Viewing

The traditional event of moon-viewing, or tsukimi in Japanese, has been held since the Edo Period (1603-1867) during the cooler nights of September. You can view the moon from the historical Mukojima-Hyakkaen Garden which is remaining open until late in the evenings to allow guests to explore the garden at night and indulge in koto performances, tea ceremonies and lantern painting.

The entrance fee to the gardens is ¥150 and ¥1,000 if customers would like to participate in the tea ceremony. Only 35 paper lanterns will be available for painting each day.

When: Sep 9–11 | More Info

Heiwajima antiques fair

Courtesy of Antique World

4. Heiwajima Antiques Fair

Around 300 vendors from all over Japan will be at the Heiwajima Antiques Fair, which is held five times a year, selling Japanese antiques. Visitors can find netsuke, or miniature sculptures, porcelain ware, old kimono outfits, statues, tools, furniture, art, traditional toys and other items. Expect higher prices and quality and less bargaining range, since these are professional antique dealers.

When: Sep 9–11 | More Info

Peter Leghorn

Peter Leghorn art

5. “Uncanny Valley”: Art Exhibition by Peter Leghorn

Not bound to any fixed motif, the art of Peter Leghorn challenges perceptions of reality and identity. Drawing inspiration from far and wide, an array of processes, techniques or “codes” create multifaceted imagery that plays with viewers’ expectations. Leghorn creates “patch-work” portraits, where physical features are taken from a wide spectrum of ethnicity, race and gender, all blended with anything from classical and digital art to lifelike “dolls.”

The exhibition had its opening on September 2. During the rest of the month, viewing is available by appointment with the artist or the venue, free of charge.

When: Until Sep30 | More Info

MTM Presents: Summer Breeze Vol. 2

6. MTM Presents: Summer Breeze Vol. 2

Enjoy the sunset at the beach while listening to incredible live music by Shamanz and QPLO. Shamanz is a multinational band featuring Latin, reggae and acoustic rock music led by New Zealand-born frontman Tama Tsuboi. QPLO meanwhile is a modern disco duo that brings the party vibe.

Doors open at 3pm but the show starts at 4:30pm.

When: Sep 10 | More Info

7. Coach Fall 2022: “Somewhere in America” Fashion Event

Coach Fall 2022 “Somewhere in America” Collection will be presented at the Ba-tsu Art Gallery. This is Coach’s vision of American heritage for the next generation.

The event features movie content that can only be viewed there. There will also be live performances.

When: Until Sep 11 | More Info


8. Alice in Wonderland Exhibition

This major exhibition tracing the cultural phenomenon of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland has arrived in Tokyo from England. About 300 works and materials related to Alice are gathered in one place.

The exhibition introduces the world of Alice in Wonderland and its expansion in various genres such as art, film, music, fashion, theater and photography from the 19th century to the present day. This includes John Tenniel’s illustrations, Disney’s animation film, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, works by Salvador Dali and Yayoi Kusama, stage costumes for ballet, fashion by Vivienne Westwood and much more.

When: Until Oct 10 | More Info