Great music, delicious Mexican food, Italian wine pairings and Tokyo galleries: there’s plenty of variety in our event roundup this week. The weather forecast indicates quite a few cloudy days, but here are some things that are sure to help you keep your mood up.

1. MTM Sunday Dinners: Mexican Night with Tama Tsuboi

On April 24 you’ll find Justin, the CEO of More Than Music, in the kitchen whipping up a full course meal that goes well with the music being played as MTM returns to the roots of where it all began. This event is all-inclusive so once you walk through the doors, unbuckle those belts, feast, drink and be merry.

This one features the best of Mexican cuisine and there is music by the charming Tama Tsuboi, the leader of Shamanz.

When: Apr 24 | More info (includes a special discount for TW readers)

2. Bruichladdich The Pop-up 2022

Islay Whisky Festival is an event held in Islay, Scotland, the holy land of whisky. Honoring that festival, Remy Cointreau Japan is once again attempting to reproduce that experience in Roppongi following its very well-received premiere event last year.

Bruichladdich Distillery’s motto, “Know What’s in Your Whisky,” aims to prove its worth by stubbornly adhering to the traditional manufacturing method, transparently disclosing its general process and revealing its passion for the terroir of Islay. Whisky and liquor lovers alike can enjoy this event, all while listening to music, talking with friends and eating a variety of classic street food dishes.

When: Until Apr 24 | More info

3. The Great Wine Bluff at Conrad Tokyo

In this interactive wine event at the Conrad Tokyo, taste four different wines each one paired with three different stories from a panel of wine experts. The twist: only one of the tales is for real. In groups, you’ll pit your palates and lie detection abilities against the panel to determine the truth and uncover the bluffs and the buffs.

Included in the event will be a welcome drink, four rounds of wine tasting and entertainment, a finger buffet with a range of foods and a chance to enter a raffle and win exciting prizes.

Proceeds from this event will support REI’s ongoing mission to provide opportunities for refugees to support themselves and build stronger communities.

When: Apr 19 | More info

4. A Glimpse of Tuscan Spring: Winemaker Dinner with Terenzi

With a mouth-watering seven-course Tuscan meal and wine pairing, indulge yourself in Tuscany at its finest. Together with Terenzi’s owner and Swirl’s resident sommelier, go on a tasting journey of seven wines, each carefully paired with seven delicious Tuscan dishes as you learn more about Tuscany as a region.

When: Apr 22 | More info

5. The Oracle: “The Four Sufferings”

“The Four Sufferings” is an interactive performance that interprets and swims into the essence of Buddha’s teachings. The four sufferings were what the Buddha encountered when he was a young prince in his father’s palace leading him to follow a religious path and pursue enlightenment. These performances, done in a secret location, are centered around experimental musicians, performers and digital visual artists, allowing the audience to discover, connect and bond with the artist’s inner emotions.

When: Apr 24 | More info

6. Glass Artist Takeyoshi Mitsui: “Melting”

Tension and relaxation – an ambiguous gap is formed between the amalgamation of these two opposing elements. In this exhibition, Takeyoshi Mitsui will exhibit a variety of works such as cups and tumblers offering beautifully overlapped colors from his “Silence” series, as well as katakuchi (sake server) and tea bowls of his “Amber on Gray” series.

Born in Hiroshima and currently living in Toyama Prefecture, Takeyoshi Mitsui is an artist and glassblower pursuing new expressions that feature a soft and gentle expression in a unique color sense. Created based on the artist’s very own sense of aesthetics and form, Mitsui’s glassworks possess the ability to calm the viewer’s mind.

When: Until Apr 23 | More info

7. Mayumi Yamase at I AM gallery

Mayumi Yamase, an artist known for her abstract and colorful paintings, drawings and sculptures, is the first domestic talent to be showcased at I AM gallery in Toshima-ku’s Higashi-Nagasaki. Yamase has exhibited her work in London, Singapore and throughout Japan and worked with an array of brands including Nike, Comme des Garçons and Beams.

Through art, Yamase hopes to spark a unique dialogue between objects. In this exhibition, she seeks to express herself with various materials such as oil, acrylic, colored pencils, pastels and watercolors.

When: Until Apr 30 | More info