It is now almost thirty years since The British School in Tokyo threw open its doors to invite in a small group of children to take up the challenge of writing the first page of what has become a remarkable story. Today the school educates well over a thousand students, boys and girls, young men and women, who represent more than sixty different nationalities. We employ 120 highly skilled and talented teachers, recruited directly from the best schools in the UK or from other highly rated British international schools around the world. Uniquely, because we know that finding the right people is crucial to our future (and to that of our students) we insist on seeing each one of them teach in their own schools before confirming any appointment. Only the best will do.

In recent years the school has established a global reputation for academic excellence. Examination results are outstanding, with almost half of all entries at A Level awarded coveted A*/A grades and paving the way for our graduates to win places on extremely competitive degree courses at prestigious UK universities, including Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, and University College London. In keeping with our international outlook, this year BST students will also be taking up places at first class institutions as far afield as The Hague, Sydney and Toronto and, closer to home, at Keio University here in Japan.

“Students here learn so much more than how to achieve top grades”

The ongoing success of our older students has led to a significant increase in applications from ambitious young men and women of all nationalities who are keen to give themselves the best chance of going on to study at the university of their choice. Young people today see themselves as true global citizens and they recognise that UK A levels offer an academic passport that can take them almost anywhere they might wish to go. Universities around the world are very familiar with Britain’s public examination system and are more than happy to accept students with A levels or their equivalent.

Of course, there is much more to life at BST than rigorous academics or preparation for examinations. While parents are impressed by the level of academic challenge and the structured progression of our particular brand of British education, students here learn so much more than how to achieve top grades. Sport, music and drama are woven into the fabric of school life from the very start, and both community service and adventurous activity are real strengths.

In this respect, the next two years promise to bring us some unique opportunities. As we move ever closer to hosting the Rugby World Cup and the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Japan, here at BST we are focusing on the Olympic and Paralympic values, on the true spirit of sport. We are determined to build a lasting legacy on the foundations of these inspiring global events.

We have always encouraged our students to pursue excellence in everything that they set out to do, to learn to appreciate the strength that diversity can bring, to discover the joy of exceeding even their own expectations of themselves. From their earliest years in our Nursery and Reception classes, our children are given countless opportunities to develop the independence and resilience that will enable them to take the next step in their education – wherever it might take them – with confidence and a smile. As the world’s most talented sportsmen and women begin to turn towards Tokyo, we hope that their example will underscore the priceless value of the attributes we have always championed.

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