The British School in Tokyo continues to earn top marks in all aspects of international education.

For almost thirty years since first opening its doors in Shibuya, the British School in Tokyo has enjoyed an enviable reputation as a provider of international education of the very highest quality. A long-standing member of the Council of British International Schools and one of a select few to have been independently inspected and accredited under the new standards for British Schools Overseas, BST now caters for well over 900 students: boys and girls, young men and women from the ages of 3 through to 18 who represent 60 different nationalities.

Our A level graduates now regularly win places – and plaudits – at some of the top universities in the UK and all around the world; just a few weeks ago, for example, we learned that one of this year’s cohort will soon begin her undergraduate studies at Tokyo University on a full scholarship. Remarkably, in 2015 more than half of all A level entries were graded A*/A, and three out of four were awarded a B grade or better. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that so many BST students have now embarked upon extremely competitive courses at prestigious UK Russell Group universities, including Imperial, LSE, King’s and UCL. This year, for the first time, the school is represented at both the Royal College of Music and Trinity College, while for the fourth year running one of our talented A Level artists is studying at St Martin’s. Emphasising our international outlook, in 2015 our students also won places at universities in Canada, India and the United States and, closer to home, at Doshisha in Kyoto.

The very successful introduction of A levels at BST has led to a dramatic increase in inquiries from ambitious students of all nationalities who are keen to progress to some of the best universities in the world. The UK remains a popular option but it is certainly not the only destination of choice. Young people today see themselves as global citizens and they recognize that A levels offer an academic passport that can take them almost anywhere. There is certainly increasing interest in the USA and a number of students are looking towards mainland Europe as well as universities here in Japan.


Most universities world-wide are very familiar with Britain’s public examination system and are more than happy to accept students with A levels or their equivalent. In fact, the specialist nature of British Sixth Form courses means that students with better grades can expect to earn significant credit – sometimes up to a whole year’s worth of study. At Harvard, for example, you will need to have at least three A/B grades to matriculate (earn a place) but three A grades will merit a full year’s academic credit; it is a similar story across the world.

BST is, of course, much more than an A Level school. All examinations are important, and many parents are impressed by the rigor and structured progression of the English National Curriculum and our carefully tailored version of an independent British education. That said, students here learn so much more than how to pass exams. Sport, music and drama are woven into the fabric of school life, and both community service and adventurous activity are real strengths. From their early years in our Nursery and Reception classes, children are given countless opportunities to develop the independence and resilience that will enable them to take the next step in their education – wherever it might take them, with confidence – and a smile.

While our website will help you gain further insight into all that BST has to offer, the only way to gain a real sense of the happy, nurturing ethos of the school and its extended community is to come and experience it for yourself. To arrange a visit please contact our welcoming Admissions team: [email protected] or 03-6418-5351. They will be pleased to hear from you.

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