Many visitors to Tokyo are drawn to the city for its connection to anime and manga, and at Manga Art Hotel, visitors can surround themselves with their favorite medium from day to night.

The hotel, which is set to open in February, is located in Jimbocho, an area of the city known for its huge numbers of bookstores. The building is designed by noted architect Tan Yamanouchi.

Here’s how the hotel is described on the official website:

This isn’t something done in passing, a side-hobby in one’s free time, or something done to kill time. Instead, it’s an overnight manga experience planned intentionally for the sole purpose of soaking in the world of manga.

Even if you have chores to do, you reach for book after book, absorbed in reading. This comfortable feeling of defeat for manga.

Probably everybody has felt this before. And you can find it here.

You’re in trouble if you discover a good series. Be drawn into the wonderful world of manga.

Now, let’s lose ourselves to the irresistible power of manga tonight.

Reservations are slated to begin in late January. For more information, see the official website or PR TIMES (Japanese only)