The more you try to capture the lives of cats on film, the more mysterious they become. Here one second and there the next, their entire existence is like a bubble, a dream, or a fantasy. At least, that’s how stray photographer Toshimitsu Hoshino sees and depicts cats in his ongoing exhibition “Neko Mina Gen Ke” (~ “Cats Everyone Fantasy Change.”)

Hoshino has spent 1,000 days over the span of 14 years documenting the lives of stray cats all around the shores of Tokyo Bay. The resulting 600,000 shots tell many stories of these capricious little creatures, but none capture their enigmatic nature better than the ones at Hoshino’s latest exhibition, which kicked off on October 8 at, appropriately, the Nine Gallery in Kita-Aoyama. The exhibition ends on October 20.

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