We’ve got smart phones and smart watches, but one daily item that hasn’t entered the “smart” category is wallets—until now.

Enter Cashew, the new wallet from Revol Inc. Currently available for preorder, Cashew is a smart wallet with a variety of features to make sure your cash and cards stay safe and at hand.

First, security. Cashew features fingerprint authentication, meaning the only one who can access your cards and cash and is you. You can store up to 20 fingerprints, giving you the option to share your wallet with family members.

Ever leave your wallet at home? Not anymore. With Bluetooth integration, a smartphone alert signals when you’ve left Cashew behind. The free mobile app also saves the wallet’s last location. In addition, crowd-sourced GPS technology means you can mark your wallet as lost, and receive a secure notification once it’s been found.

With all these features, it may sound like Cashew needs to be recharged frequently, but the wallet will last up to nine months on a single charge.

The wallet can hold up to eight cards and 30 bills. Its interior is made of a stretch polycarbonate to retain its original shape.

Preorder here, or for more details, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)