If you want to check out the Sky Tree, and don’t have an advance ticket, you are in luck; general tickets have gone on sale today.

Since May 22, when the tower opened, entrance has been restricted to those who received their tickets in advance after entering a ballot.

The owners of the 634m tower (the upper observation deck is a slightly less vertigo inducing 450 metres) said today that around 640,000 people had so far visited. A million of us will surely have made the trip to Arakawa-ku before the sizzling Tokyo summer ends – great for the company’s coffers.

A ticket for the Sky Tree‘s first observation deck is pretty pricey, at ¥2,500 – ¥3,500 to go all the way. You’d pay ¥1,420 to reach the top observatory of Tokyo Tower. Spending the extra may be worth it, though, the glass walkway at 450m looks like it could be the most spectacular place in Tokyo.

Local TV station TBS reported that around 420 people were waiting this morning at 8 a.m. – perhaps they wanted a quick trip before hitting the office?em